Rose Bowl 2012

Badger Pep Rally
Badger Pep Rally

The Rose Bowl was what it was: disappointing but fun. We arrived late, late Friday evening and slumped into bed.  Saturday was the pep rally on the Santa Monica pier, and we headed down early to get a bite to eat at the Scientist-recommended Mariasol. No sea monster sightings, but I did spy the fishermen/federal marshals hanging out with their “fishing poles.”  The marine layer here has been utterly bonkers all weekend. The morning starts out sunny, but by noon you can’t see more than a block away.  Case in point, by the time the Badger players arrived at the pep rally it was around 45 degrees and visibility was about 50 yards.

Saturday evening our original plan was to go out in Santa Monica and take it easy. I didn’t want to chance a club with lines and lists, and preferred the idea of just having a six pack in our hotel room.  Until, that is, I found out that See-Yew and the Bay Area Badger crew were partying in Pasadena for NYE.

We finagled a ride to Pasadena and back to Santa Monica (on NYE!) and headed out.  I met about ten million former fuddruckus direct-reports and drank two gigantic Jameson shots.  The shots were curiously world-ending for me; I didn’t leave the room on New Year’s Day and just laid around and moaned loudly.  To Spacebee’s credit, she got sick of the moaning and left the room for awhile to see the sights.  My total meal consumption on New Year’s Day: hamburger/fries, pepperoni pizza, ice cream & cookies.  Sigh.

Badger Blast
Pregame Tailgate

The day of the Rose Bowl we woke up early and got dressed in our epic multitude of Badger Stuff.  Beads, pins, shirts, stickers, sunglasses, and more.  The bus to Pasadena arrived late and we sat in traffic for a looong time.  We had tickets to the 10:30a-1p Badger Blast tailgate (all-u-can-eat/drink) but didn’t end up getting there until 11:30a.  Sad face, but we still managed to get a brat and a few beers.

The game was very exciting, and the only problem was that we were in a micro-island of Badger fans swimming in a sea of Oregon fanatics.  It made it all the more sad at the end as it was slow-going getting down the aisle what with Ducks fans dancing in it.

Tuesday was probably the best day we had out in California; the sun was shining in Santa Monica and after checked out we had a few hours to kill so we walked around the downtown area, had luncho at Ye Olde King’s Something-Something, visited the Palisades (bro!), and wandered down the pier one more time to see if we could catch a glimpse of the Monkfish. Alas! No monkfish.

The Palisades, Bro
The Palisades, Bro!

192 thoughts on “Rose Bowl 2012

  1. the old beat! lots of tv shows have people walking over that footbridge there and going up the winding brick stairs. entourage did it in pretty much every episode.

  2. dave’s old porn

    i haven’t seen any of the shows… we only have on demand up in the bedroom… it doesn’t look like there are new episodes coming out… looks like it started in october. last night was thursday and it wasn’t on. but why would he be out promoting it if the show was dead??? very confused.

  3. Did it end with a death or a big bro hug?

    Dexter is collapsing. I’ll still watch next season, but it’s just done. I think the writers are spending their corn money instead of writing. The new episodes are chock full of tits and camp, little else. The show doesn’t even follow its own logic anymore.

    Dexter is what got us on the showtime teet, but Homeland and Shamless have made it worth our while. Twilight 3 too, I guess.

    Still need to check out the old porn show. Hard to do with the fam in town.

  4. i think the end was like a magical coming together of everyone getting exactly what they wanted at the exact same time, that also came with a reason for them all to separate. out of nowhere everything fell in place at the jet hanger and then everyone jetted off to who gives a fuck.

    so many people have told me to watch dexter… i just don’t care about it. breaking bad has my heart, and TPB has my soul. no room for new BS.

    just found a ton of youtube videos of that guy i worked with that killed himself… vastly different person than the professional i talked to on the phone everyday.

  5. you can see the foot bridge is still there… looks the same.

    in 75 more years, rye doggs grandkids will probably stomp on that fucker, and go eat some monkfish liver out on the pier.

  6. yo cal, i’m looking to schedule some skyrim trubbb action.

    i’m not DRAGONBORN yet. i need a midwife to guide me through the vag.

    do i have to pick a character type and learn spells or what?? how do i get a crossbow with flaming arrows? that’s all i want.

  7. hmmmmmm and archer mage you say? you’ll need to college at winterhold and maximize your level ups in magica DUDE.


  8. i chose the lizzard dude (argonian). he can breathe underwater. sneaky as hell pickpocket. plus he’s a scaly lizzard guy. i can’t do that bow and arrow crap. or magic. just got a giant two handed sword and go into a lizzard flurry and beat dudes down. no shield, no magic. just a BIG SWORD.

  9. sure would like to be able to shoot flaming arrows at those dragons….

    close enough to kill with sword = close enough to get caught up in fire breath.

    can you throw your sword?

    it’s installing right now.

    whoa… it just finished as i typed the period… i’m upstairs, but the rimjob is in the basement with the full surround sound and subwuphers… the first sound was a big BOOM, and the dogs bolded cal’d there way downstairs barking bloody murder.

    now a bunch of d00ds are chanting some crazy shit.

  10. i got 2 hole in ones yesterday… only played like 5 rounds, and quit out of…. probably all of them.

    being in the 1st spot with a stroke lead is crazy. i couldn’t finish.

  11. i want to build a whazzball splitter and monitoring device which would create 3d charts. then record wm playing a round. then study. then practice. then dominate.

    i could entertain myself for hours just smashing the whazzball and looking at the charts it generated.

    sort of why i like pitching… the ball IS the graph.

  12. whoa, didn’t realize that part way through the show they welcome the porn star chicks from the movies to sit in with them as they commentate… these are movies from the 70s-80s, so the ladies are generally in their 50s or 60s.


  13. back to work for now, but it seems from the 1st round that everyone is immune to fire… might have been better to go with a big sword.

  14. man… The Sklar Brothers on an episode feature porn with twins… the 3 most popular current porn stars reviewing the most popular retro movies… i want to watch every episode.

  15. anyone interested in ice fishing tomorrow? just saw a CWS report that the wausau lakes have enough ice, and the walleye bite is good.

  16. 6 yr wedding anniversary.

    We are watching the video and looking at photos. I’m actually tearing up…

    So many photos of eros…

  17. i’m shooting my dad’s sheridan .20 blue streak… then looking at the target with my 4×32 scope which can’t be mounted on the old sheridans.

    want to buy the new model with a scope already mounted… i think i linked to it here at some point after i found the best deal… i tried to search for it, but the only thread was from march… couldn’t find it… did find this gem:

    March 16, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    fun fact: ben folds 5 was named after a $200 winning bet on tank abbot at +250.

  18. still proud of that… and the 6 folds i had just won by getting 1st in some ploiter multi…

    wish i had that link. about to drop 2 folds on an air gun.

    i was rimming for a while… the game set me up and suggested i pickpocket my fellow survivor pal and take his shield. he beat me up or something so i’m alone in some cave. fuck that. i don’t need to pickpocket fools for crappy wood BS shields. i can go on the internet and BUY GUNS(*^&!%#)&*!#%)(&^!#*(&!%#&*(

    cal is ok

  19. blind pilot on letterman tonight was good.

    a band of happy cals on strings… an emo drummer… and hairy beast on xylophone.

    oh, and the organist…. HE PLAYS A TRUMPET WITH HIS OTHER HAND.


    find the video.

  20. whoa, daddy showed up on night shift!

    your wedding was A+++++++ great seller would buy from again… rach-o liked it so much that she teared up while we were there. seems long ago, but not THAT long ago… and in that many more years the harem will all be hadders sized…


  21. Hadders was at the wedding… Aged -4 months or so. Rye and hwk were mere eggs in the queue.

    A fun fact: we share an anniversary with bry guy. They are 5 years ahead of us.

  22. Question: when you see the word ‘brat’ in any context is the very first understanding of the word as a delicious grilled sausage? Or a snotty little person? For me: sausage all the way, even if it doesn’t make any sense. I often see a commercials for a line of girls’ dolls called Bratz and I want to know why anyone would name a doll after a sausage. Only for a second though.

  23. just the last paragraph:

    Until these things don’t change, hell I don’t give a job. Until the state promotes corruption in every possible aspect, I don’t start a business, and I don’t give a job.

    the state promoting corruption?? lowering taxes is corrupt?

  24. dude should also consider that no matter what he’s doing with software, a single person could build the same project, and probably do it better…. not any single person, but enough single people, that if you aren’t hiring them, someone else will.

    every time i think about going solo, i get a big raise, and i’m convinced to stay. i’m the greatest software engineer of all time. i could replicate everything oracle or microsoft do in maybe like 2 weekends.

    however, given that most developers are very bad at developing, there will always be development work fixing their garbage.

    also, paying for office space for people that work entirely on computers is dumb. don’t whine about it… just don’t do it. if you need to meet clients, do it at the ramada.

  25. i hope the packers run this play if they’re winning in the first half and have the ball in the red zone:

    rodges pitch to flynn…. flynn to rodgers in the endzone.


  26. My takeaway from the Hungarian money man: he only wants to hire men aged 25-50 because their dicks taste best.

  27. My takeaway from the yoga artiCAL: yoga can be good, but if you bend your spine too much it breaks.

    Same as weights; lift em, but don’t damage yourself.

    Same a legs: run em, but think about cutting back if your toes fall off.

    I consider myself to be in a grand experiment with cal. Who will better enjoy old age? Cripple cal with his 17 knee surgeries or me, spry as shit, until my heart blows?

  28. so gun sales are at all time high, and that shotty mom made the national news last night. her neighbors call her “the make my day mom”.


    bad time to be an anti-gun pundit.

  29. 1) wood elf nice. update please? warrior stone or thief stone or what? you make it to whiterun yet? #bigsword

    2) blind pilot nice – those dudes once went on tour using only bicycles. DIY Jack Rack

    3) My New Hobby make a request i’ll send it to you.

    4) forget four

  30. Last night I spent part of my daddy shift cleaning up an old email account that I use whenever I sign up for bullshit.

    Buried under thousands of expired Groupons and bird seed newsletters was a request from a guy who wanted to play air hockey.

    He found me on the list of WI players on I made the account so I could post in their forums. Back when I was looking at machines, I had questions about transportation and maintenance.

    Anyway, I did a little googling and discovered he is involved in a place called the Midwestern, a SoCal Milwaukee Housebar:

    The Midwestern is all about air hockey, UFC, and WI. It looks fantastic.

    I emailed back and told dude to look me up anytime he is in wisco. I’d love to hit the puck.

  31. whoa, from the special events page:

    11PM BB Gun Pumpkin Shooting Contest ($2 buy in, winner takes the cash!)

    best bar in the world????

    that is my trubbbbbbbbroom dream

  32. i don’t know what whiterun is. i was going up the mountain, then i died. i feel so bad for trying to take my homies shield. we could have busted up dragons together forever. now i’m alone. rach-o watched me play…. “it’s pretty cool”.

  33. i used all my iron arrows trying to kill some deer. it’s hard to aim arrows. i should have been a lizard man. the deer led me to a hidden cave. i’m picking up everything… that’s very annoying… i’m harvesting all this goddamn moss just assuming i’m going to get to a point in the game and someone will be like, “i’ll trade you this key that you need to get any further in the game, but i’m going to need a bunch of moss”… i don’t want to backtrack and get more moss, but i’m approaching my carry limit.

  34. the birdseed game has been rewarding today… the mild temps and approaching arctic front have the little flappin fuckers out in flocks.

    black and white peckers are cool. usually i hate black peckers, so it’s weird. cardinals landing on my little feeder are funny. big bird on a little stoop. blue jays are too sketchy. robins are long gone. crows are around, but they want meat.

  35. whoa… i feel dumb for not knowing this… but sourdoughsam is the 9ers mascot???????

    i thought it had something to do with her yeasty snatch.

  36. i will stand by the total gym forever. fuck a jack rack… and fuck the “if you got a door, you got a gym” bs… and super fuck the UFC training wii games.

    chuck norris hasn’t lost his last 10 fights.

  37. packers vs tebow in the superbowl.

    i can’t believe i fell for that d00d’s hustle… i was convinced he could only throw a football like a gurl, then he stepped up squirtin’ lasers 30 yards.

  38. I loaded up my NFL fantasy team with Packers and Steelers, hoping for a rematch. Only way to win that thing is predict both the Super Bowl teams and the best players from each team before the playoffs start.

    First prize was a trip for three to next year’s bowl in New Orleans. Perhaps it’s better that I’m out of contention… I was losing sleep trying to decide who to take with me.

    In other fantasy news, that dude who caught the bomb was on my other team. Shabbos is lucky that shit didn’t happen two weeks ago.

  39. I read an interesting artiCAL that suggested that Dom Capers and the Pack D have been sandbagging.

  40. Air hockey dude emailed me back. We will try to play next time he is in wisco. He also meets up in Chicago for some games. I’d love to drive down for a match. My latest competition was playing lefty vs some 11 yr olds in the Badger Bowl day care.

  41. I need the mallet that this dude uses:

    I’m looking for a cut-off one that’s missing the knob because I use this dude’s hold. But this one looks like the softer plastic which is better for D. I have two cut off mallets but they are made of the hard plastic. They hit fast but d is a nightmare.

  42. links don’t work on his site… it’s some junk-o free website software he used that plasters it’s own logo everywhere and breaks all deep linking. i love what he’s doing so much i might just email and offer to host it for him.

    have you looked at these tables?? $850 to your door… looks full sized with a metal square rim…

  43. i’m working on taming my backyard squirrels… just yesterday i threw a few handfuls of seed into the yard, and now i have 6 of them back there already. impressive how fast they found them.

    so i found this d00ds youtube video:
    squirrel memory test

    he has some other videos about taming squirrels… good stuff.

    then i guess someone else liked his videos so much they sent him a free video camera… he seems like a nice chap

    also working on taming my dogs from barking at squirrels… anything else in the yard they could give 3 shits about, but they freak out like cliche machine whenever they see a SQUIRREL(*^!#%(^*&!#%*&(!#%)&*(!#%

  44. there was a chick at my last job that tamed all the squirrels in the area… and my old neighbor in raycilla did it too. the problem is if people get spooked by them being friendly, then the squirrels freak out even more than they would if they weren’t tame.

  45. yo cal, how about those new executive powers to detain without trial indefinitely?

    didn’t obamers say in his campaign he would shut down gitmo within his first 2 weeks in office? i guess he meant he would shut down gitmo, and then convert every jail in america into gitmo franchises.

    SOPA is the same shit… no trial.

    doesn’t that concern you as a lawman? you’re getting cut out of the loop. how was that allowed to happen? are you and your homies just really bad at whatever it is that you do?

    USA is in the shitter. buy nitrogen and phosphorus and farm equipment. and pigs.

  46. i think SOPA came around as a direct result of shutting down the poker sites… america had no legal basis to do it… but they were just like, fuck it: what are you going to do???? MINE!

    then all of the pussies in this country didn’t do anything, so they decided to make it policy.

    i bought 2 guns this week… i hope that’s enough.

  47. i just realized i’ve been calling the users of my internet web software as a service offerings as, “stupid fucks”, in bold face at the top of the homepage since august 2000… facebook didn’t start until 2004.

    that MFer zark fuckerberg bit my steeze.


  48. tech guys get to speak to congress about SOPA and explain how it breaks the internet…. then the corrupt congressmen frown and nod, and then cash their checks from the MAFIAA and pass SOPA anyways even though the citizens they are supposed to represent do not support the bill……

    the congressmen are so smart… they know that their constituents don’t want the law, but they NEED it… to stop the terrrrrrrrrrrists. THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN)!(*#%&(^!#%*(&!#%^

    so, as a congressman… either support SOPA and get $20,000,000, or don’t support it and get only $1,000,000… but i’m sure they see it as, “don’t support SOPA = lose $19,000,000.

    fuck america. buy guns.

    cal sucks.

  49. fuck the house of representatives.
    fuck the senate
    fuck the entire executive branch
    gino XL… fuck you too.

  50. HEY!!! cal said no talk about the law.

    next thing you know people will post links like this, and the whole fucking system will fall apart.

    cal paid a lot of other people’s money to get as smart as he is, so you should respect him.

  51. i think that’s what happens when you let corporations take over a country through the erosion of personal rights, and the granting of unchecked executive power.

    skyrim party this weekend???

  52. i think that’s what happens when you let corporations take over a country through the erosion of personal rights, and the granting of unchecked executive power.

    and yet… you disparage walker and occupy protests? WTF.

  53. i might restart as a lizard man and try to stay pals with my death row homie.

    i caught a few fish, but having to breathe is a bother.

  54. i might enjoy a rendez-vous to eau clair this wkend. if this weather holds we might even have us a strike-out contest on our hands… when you thinking? saturday?

  55. when did i disparage walker and occupy protests???

    i’m 100% pro-walker. haven’t you been following my G+ posts? i don’t really care either way, but local vandals and thieves have been messing with the walker signs that the church by my house put up…. their ignorant hypocrisy has created a beast that will destroy them.

    if the occupy protests are not immune to criticism, then they are not viable. if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger… thus my disparaging served to strengthen.


  56. ohhhhh dude. you disparaged the hell out of those madison people heroiCALly marching on the capital square. I’m embarrassed I haven’t bothered to occupy anything but my shit life. luckily there better people than I.

    andddddddddddd dude. walker is ALL FOR erosion of worker rights, and walker wants to hump SOPA and walker is all about a corporation having the rights of a person – how can you defend those positions? you sir, cannot.

  57. we’ll be here sitting on our asses growing babies all weekend. next weekend we have people coming to help make a new baby room.

  58. how can you defend stealing from a church?

    everyone needs a hero.

    i can be your hero, baby.

    i can take away your pain.

    i can breath underwater.

    i am DRAGONBORN)(&@#&)(!#%*()#!%)&*(!#%

  59. or you want a trubb party instead? i could give you lizzard man advice over the internets instead of in person. but there could be no strikeout contest of course.

  60. if i remember right, my “disparaging” consisted of pointing out that the hobo party would not accomplish anything without setting the capitol on fire… and now the hobos are gone, and it would seem walker is still doing whatever he wants.

    so…. i was right??

    if being right is being disparaging, is it really disparaging?

  61. erosion of union extortion is far from erosion of personal rights… if anything, it’s giving people the right to not be forced to pay union dues.

    if you work for someone else, you do what they say for the pay you were promised… if those terms don’t suit you, find another job… if you can’t find another job, start your own business… if you can’t start your own business, perhaps you aren’t in the position to be making any demands of those who would employ you.

  62. i’m watching mr. mom… when i was a kid, one of my sister’s friends told me that her dad was mr. mom… i was so impressed… i thought her dad was michael keaton… not just some schmoe without a job.


  63. Baseball must wait for spring. You idiots haven’t even trained yet.

    It’s too early for us to roll out of town. I can have visitors but cannot be a visitor.

  64. i can’t expect those of you rocking 2 digit media screens to understand… but when you go 3 digits…… you gotta go 3 b’s… MINIMUM.


  65. i’ve been training on the total gym… the adjustable incline lets me maximize resistance, and gives me a full range of motion using either or both arms.

    so i do a pitching motion at 1/4 speed and gradually increase the incline. not sure if i’m helping or hurting my heater… i haven’t ripped anything in a while.

  66. i made my decision.

    i’m a wood elf. i have a mohawk and a chin beard and i’m theoretiCALly great at slangin’ arrows, but not practiCALly even good. i was presented with the option to attempt to “take” my homies shield…. i didn’t have a shield, and the the inventory system (perhaps the only unrealistic thing in the game) could see him have 6 spare shields and about 1000 harvested moss patches… so, why the fuck not…. i’ll press x… maybe he’ll just say, “oh, sorry chap, did you not have a shield? of couse, take the shield, and here are some graphite shaft arrows with tiger venom tips… you didn’t have any? well i’m glad you asked… now you’re more equipped to assist me.”

    but no.

    the fucker jacks me up and i wake up in a cave, alone, with only the rocks and snow to greet my consciousness.

    i could quit.

    i could choose to be a lizard… breathing under water seems pretty rad.

    i have made choices.

    i am a wood elf.

    i WILL get to woodrun. windrun.

    oh, it’s whiterun?


    i will get to whiterun.

  67. i’m proud of you. live with the choices you’ve made. you need to get your wood elf ass out of that cave and kill some lowly theives with your little wood elf hands, loot their shit, find a sword and fight your way to the town of whiterun. the world awaits. can you somehow post a picture of your wood elf? is he named madd? god speed.

  68. he is named madd. with 12 d’s.

    i am playing right now… maybe i already went through whiterun and didn’t read the signs. i’m more of a “see a deer and chase it forever, driven by bloodlust” type of wood elf.

    hanging out on G+

  69. if a genie gave me 3 wishes, i would use one to wish that my wish wasn’t granted… just to see what would happen.

  70. it’s probably too late for me, but i’m curious…… why can i not claim my new shorty on the 2011 taxes??? a non-trivial number american legislators have found cause outlaw abortion….

    JOW RIGGED JOKE)*&!#%)&*(!#%)*(!#%

  71. i probably would have had to get a birth certificate first…

    it would seem there is a certificate process missing… there should be a fertilization certificate… and that should be allowed to claim a dependent.

    get working on that, cal.

  72. start the department… you can be in charge… i’ll be the CTO. think of all the fertilization going on… MORE THAN BABIES. we’ll need to buy SO MUCH PAPER.

    then require a fertilization certificate before you can get an abortion… they already have a waiting period, so it gives them something to do.

    it’s not a jobs program… but it would serve as such, while filling a gaping whole in process functionability.

    start on the paper work…. they taught you how to do that right? do it.

  73. Paper boy gone craaaaaaazay.

    Saturday he gave us the Journal Sentinel, the Wall Street Journal, and the NY Times.
    Sunday, only JS
    Monday, only NY Times
    Tuesday JS and NY Times
    Wednesday NY Times, Wednesday JS, and TWO Monday JS’s

  74. goddamned 1% and their smart investment decisions)&!#%(*&!#%)&(%!#

    WE ARE THE 99%

    we are on a public lawn. that will make everyone know that we are capable of going places we are allowed to go, and stay there for a while as long as people give us free pizza, and later, leave.

    WE ARE THE 99%

    generac is the best. i’d like a 10,000+ watt autoswitch propane AND a 3,000+ watt portable gas. maybe even another 1,000+ watt portable gas unit with a built in inverter for cleaning the power for use with microprocessors.

    WE ARE THE 99%

  75. someone from generac needs to give me a shout and thank me for pimping them, and get me a price on a 3 unit combo.

  76. I mated with the mermaid, created some f-ed up kids.

    Beat the shark. Level four was Urban Champ, super easy.

    Now it’s a zelda dungeon.

  77. Whoa is right.

    Comments are already shut down, but this one made it:

    “Illinois drivers are not only terrible, but way horney too.”

  78. I’ve only seen two Workaholics, both impressed.

    One was about a manly road trip and in the other they played ninja turtles in the sewer.

    And I guess professor bros have a show on adult swim… Hogan is the dean?

  79. if we are chatting and i’m on your computer, and that means i’m residing in your room… then if you turn your computer off before i hang up, is that murder??


  80. great story about rogers “competitiveness”

    i guess wagging your dick at 15-yr olds in a game of pick up basketball and spiking it in the face of schmucks playing sand volleyball at a Caribbean resort are the keys to an mvp season.

    also, i like the comparison to the flaming assholery of jordon and manning as an excuse for this behavior.

    and he wins at cards 75% of the time?



  81. i also like the way he calls “next” after he loses.

    if only every asshole in every bar and basement rec room could be such a winner. boy, would that be fun.

    i want to get this mother fucker on the airhockey court.

    but not in one of our 2-4 limit games— he’d clean 75% of us out.

  82. in baby news, i explained to rye that if she grows up and gets in trouble and brought home by a cop, ill kill the cop and help her escape.

  83. hold off on killing the cop that brings her home…… if she were any real trouble, wouldn’t they bring her downtown???

    2nd thought: better safe than sorry.


  84. do you ever watch the nfl replays on NFL network?? all week they’ve been showing games where they had rodgers mic’d up… lots of funny stuff. he’s in “i’m awesome” mode 24/7…. some people try to bring him down and he wins every time. he is a player.

    whenever he runs past a cop on the field with his back towards the players, he smacks their ass. anyone that puts themselves above police are A-OK by me. for every asshole cop, there must be an inverse ratio of cops/people of people that are an exponential factor more of an asshole in return.


  85. yo cal, are you down for some sunday packers playoff trubbbbbbbalyzin’ and skyrimmmin?

    all are welcome.

  86. We want to come up, but we told the fam it was too early to roll to H-town this weekend… a trip to The Claire will not fly.

    Perhaps it’s the artiCAL’s writer that made it come off wrong. Maybe it was the focus on his old roommate with the lady neck who wants to be the Green Bay Packers of real estate. Either way, it cheesed me off.

    In food shopping news, Sentry reconstructed their giant GO PACK made of squirt and 7 up.

    hashtag brandy slush

  87. I put 20 on tebow to win @ 5-1 odds. Just in case jesus really is guiding him to glory, I want in on it.

    Also a wank on the pack at -6.5.

    And a fuck ton of impossible parlays. Like, if the pack win by more than 9 AND the over is 53 AND the first score of the game AND the Giants call the first timeout AND the giants commit the first penalty I win a ton.

    hashtag birthday money

  88. The zelda dungeon is shaped like a cock and balls. It’s pretty easy but the big boss is pretty impossible.

  89. Born of one hand necessity, raised and nurtured as joke. Now I find out letterwoman stole it. Fuck everything.

    I need to make some money.

    Hashtag tebow

  90. Skeez, you made it all the way to megaman?

    I’m finally there. It took me forever to beat the old man in the zelda level.

    The nintendo Pro Wrestling level was fun. I like that Hogan did a run in to help me out.

  91. yeah… mega man is impossible… had to stop. i might go back if someone else claims to have beaten it, but for now: I AM DRAGONBORN#!)%&)(!#%&

    i was playing rimjobs on trubbbbbs last night with briguy… i have no clue what i’m supposed to be doing in that game. i paid a d00d 25 gold to sing me a song… i requested stupid poop hair girl… but he didn’t know it. he sang me some dragonborn song, then i killed him to get my gold back, but he didn’t have it. what BS. so unrealistic. he had a bunch of books that i jacked, and i guess i have a bounty on my head now…. who could have known it was me???? so fake.

    tomorrow i’ll be trubbbbbbbin’ all day. trying to get people to come, but that probably won’t happen. i think people are afraid of giant TVs and free booze… like they’ll get so drunk that tebow will come to life from the screen and smack them around.

  92. is that tebow bet to win the super bowl or just this week? 5:1 dog in the playoffs seems crazy.

    last week all the fox nfl guys picked the steelers… even the guys that were 2 games back and needed to make up room on an upset… they picked the steelers and then said, “i’ll regret this when tebow is in the super bowl”…

    back-to-back superbowl and no one can ever say shit about mr. rodgers ever again. 3 in a row and we should all fear him. 4 in a row, and he should be given unfettered executive power.

  93. i respect the asshole game. in a sea that contains assholes, an asshole will win… might as well asshole up.

  94. tucker max has his last book of drunkenness coming out in february… all of the reviews mention the “it all started with the website that begins, “i’m tucker max and i’m an asshole””… i’ve pointed this out before… but i wrote that. the site used to begin, “i’m tucker max… i went to duke law, i graduated with blah blah blah”… i emailed him to change it to “i’m an asshole” and it’s been that way since. the new book is all old stories that he wrote in 2002. worthless.

  95. 1. Still on mega man, havent played it yet. I was excited to play the pro wrestling knock off– I remember renting that game from Fenton? Felton? Electric in Jefferson.

    2. Don’t understand the doods in the water.

    3. I don’t buy asshole as road to glory. I 7% want to see Rodgers concussed Hashtag Flynn.

    4. Tebow is just to win tonight. THey are 14 point dogs, translates to +500.

    5. Batch of brandy slush freezing outside. Belly requested slush and hotdogs.

    6. bELLY IS DIGGIN THAT R patty name.

    7. I have SF plus 4 on two of my parlay cards. I almost called in SF moneyline, but held back, had enough action out there.

    8. Holler if you want to whazz a bit on trubbbs for the Tebow game.

  96. R Patty is a good baby but she goes nuts for 2 hours each night.

    Either 10-12, 12-2, or 2-4 she goes BANANAS– yellin, squirmin, crazy for tit milk.

  97. put down a -12 rancho last night… i had the whazzzzz on trubbbbs with rounders going in the background. it was a pretty good show…. i lost my only customer… bryguy was only down for rimjobs.

  98. Everyday 2-3 papers, sometimes doubles…

    Is he just delighted that I tipped him a twank? Just shovels all his extras to my doorstep?

  99. My mistake. Look what the LORD did to his own son.

    Of course he took out Tebow.

    Nasty Bros 3:16–Nobody punish me like you do

  100. anyone assumed to have downloaded the new nickleback song should have their internet cut off permanently and without trial, and then they should be detained indefinitely without being charged.

    welcome to american jobs and our economy.

  101. i blame it on rach-o ditching the trubbbbroom and taking the HWK with her.

    FIRE #38.


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