High-Flyin’ Harry

Welcome back, y’all. I been downright spacious around here lately, as I motored back and forth between Madison, San Francisco, and Chicago. I’m around for a minute now, though, and hoo-boy can I say that it looks like the Brewers are gonna suck this year. What’s the deal with airplane food? My flight from SFO-MSP had to make an emergency landing in RENO because some guy had a heart attack or something. I dunno- they landed the plane, EMTs came on-board and carried him off, then they gassed up the plane and we flew away. I would have liked to stay in Reno and GAMBO but alas we never got off the plane. HARRAH’S (HARRY’S)

Here’s the juicy news I heard while out in the yay area: 4nyay has a son now. If we ever see him again we can congratulate him, I guess. I didn’t bother looking Cal up because I didn’t have enough time to trudge into the city via train or car. ¬†Instead I frantically tried to get all my work done so they don’t fire me.

This week: DOO-BOO-QUEUE. Next week: THE WORLD.

Are we going to the gol-dang ewe-pee? I need to know so’s I can ask off from work.

212 thoughts on “High-Flyin’ Harry

  1. Up is August 8-10. There is nothing set except the date. So all y’all settle it with work and wifes.

  2. I saw many a tiny camper in Dork County last weekend. I imagined the inside: skeezer surrounded by chew cups as he grows harrier and harrier.

  3. Jess’s cousin works for a paper company. She is the social media person. 99% of her job is deleting facebook and twitter comments made by perverts telling them what they used the kleenex and banning diaper fetish people from “liking” the diaper pages.

  4. Hey. Madd. Remember when you sent me out in the middle of the night to search through a homeless camp? I found the blankee, I searched it, I found nothing.
    I quit the hunt. Only to rise from the ashes in the morning. #memories

  5. I really wish i would have found that puck. i was < five feet from it for HOURS. It was mine. I WAS ROBBED. next year we use what we have learned the past two years and systemiCALly, methodiCALly, destroy the hunt. I'm beginning mental hunting exercises tomorrow. #noodle

  6. no crew game today…. those lazy fuckers are witholding my access to SUCK)(&!#^)&(!^#)(*)*(!^#

    CAL!#%^(&*)!^#&*(!^# ARE YOU THERE?)(&*!#%)&(!#^)*( CAN YOU HELP?!#^()&^!#)(&*!)*(^#

  7. when the clue says “homeless” you dig up homeless camps. there is no thinking involved. the pioneer press made me do it. #SUETHEM

  8. you’re right about the homeless clue. I had to dig up that homeless camp. IT WAS THERE! THEY MOVED IT!

  9. stanley cup final called out to me… i turn it on and chicago (my childhood team since wayne’s world came out) down 2-1 in the game with a minute left in game 6, leading the series 3-2… they get 2 goals in under a minute. you’re welcome fellas. my focused brainwaves are completely responsible. put my name on the cup.


  10. and the MVP goes to……….. KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE.

    i hopped on wikipeedonme to make an insightful kane joke, where i learned that kane got his WWF start as

    Dr. Isaac Yankem, DDS, Jerry Lawler’s private dentist


  11. doesn’t look familiar, but at a distance, doesn’t look different from all the other dinos… i’m pretty certain i’ve seen one at some point… all i do is look for turtles.

  12. actually, scratch that, i think i caught some smaller ones… we just called them “yellow bellies”.

  13. the chippyWAH river is super high and flowing fast, so i’m going to let my dog go in braun’s bay. i was worried that place was the dead sea, but i’ve been catching tons of gills there, and there are tons and tons of baby ducks and geese to chomp on. also lots of picnic areas for #BRATHUNTING

  14. is the reference to “THE WORLD” hyperbolical, or are you leaving the country?

    i really doubt i can ditch the wifey with the spawn, but maybe i can trick her into thinking it was her own idea to leave me alone, then I’LL ESCAPE.


  15. still not sure if i will though… nicojuice has me wired until 2am and the shorties have me up at 6:30 every morning and without the weekend i’m a zombie… 7 hours driving or sleeping……….. or #SEBEN)&!#^%)&(!#^*()*()&!#^

  16. brewers.com headline for the loss today reads, “Crew finally falls to Cubs after Gallardo’s short start”… i’m sorry asshat beat writer… did you have somewhere better to go?????


  17. i’m passionate about vanilla ice’s home remodeling show… he put together a sub-trubbbbbbroom for $250,000… i went full trubbbbbbbb for around $1,000.

    pretty obvious who is the better man.

    he described the screen size as 740 inches…. uh…. d00d… it’s not perimeter… it’s diagonal… #YOURECHEATING

  18. 7.1 dolby with full HD 3D…… BRO…. i’m already there. you got hustled out of 2,490 folds.


  19. Some of the trip will be relaxing. We are out of the hustle and bustle of the big city and in the relaxing countryside up the hill at the I got dick for days inn.

    No way to sugar coat that drive though. Oooo boy.

  20. I get the need for zzzzzzz’s. At the end of my day I drink one beer and think “maybe I should get drunk.”

    And then I fall the f to sleep.

  21. what really pissed me off about ice’s subtrubbbbbs was after they got it all set up, his crew sat there watching their show to show it off…. they had the wrong fucking aspect ratio set, and the image wasn’t stretched to the edges of the screen. $250,000 and your shit looks WHACK.

    sadly, i think i’m the only human on the planet that cares. those morons at mystique did the same thing with the packers game… drives me NUTS)*(&!#%(&*!#%^*(&)!#^

  22. “maybe i should get drunk” is 100% logically equivalent to “maybe i should not get drunk”.


  23. if mr. vanilla watched the price is right more often, he wouldn’t be such an easy mark.


  24. Wakka wakka wakka does anyone else use RSS to see updates to wm? Is the site’s RSS feed not working? Or is Google Reader fucking up?

  25. The commercial still featured old blondy but the screen shot of the website showed the new one.

    And is Davey gone or just hung over today? Sophia’s role continues to grow.

  26. the blonde was never on the website… she is new… she used to be mainly for bucks game. everyone in town loves her the best… lots of snapchats of her COATED. none of the other FS girls get anyone hard.

    i sort of wish she had a little more tit behind the nips.


  27. sophia BLEW MY SHIT when she started doing a post game interview over the stadium speakers in some foreign language eloquent as FUCK.


  28. i think your caching engine is conflicting with your RSS engine.

    i always have to refresh the pages and homepage before i see new comments.

    maddmaster is ready to go, but this place holds the heart of the people despite its glaring flaws. #JUSTLIKECAL

  29. I like the brunette best, but is sage on the website the same as the commercial sage? Maybe she just did her hair straightened for the website.

  30. I imagine Davey lives alone and spends a lot of time talking to the TV.

    Many conversations where he mocks sophia.

  31. augie…. what the shit is a perennial?? can i get any volume discounts?? buy 2 get one 1 free??


  32. i think you might have turned off caching, but it’s still sending cache related headers to the client telling it to not bother asking for updates… it’s probably doing the same thing with RSS clients:

    Cache-Control: max-age=3600
    Expires: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 20:46:27 GMT

    that expire time is hours in the future.


  33. set the “Cache-Control” to “no-cache”

    then set the “X-Powered-By” to “your mother”

  34. my young cousin is going to college in the twin cities and has his pilots license… he says he can rent a plane for like $100 and does it all the time to fly back to rayray… maybe i could convince him to hop me down to DBQ.

  35. cousin can only fly solo until he gets a bunch more hours. looks like i’ll be driving.

  36. obama calling snowden “a hacker” is very telling. genious, you paid him to use your toys, he told others about your toys. no hackering involved.


  37. i don’t even question the new faces anymore… welcome to the show, guy.

    scooter sent back down so this d00d could come up?? i guess rickey finally did the math and how much it costs to eat steaks every day for 40 years and decided to get back to work.

    the boyz of cummers offered me dickey for putz today……… i need to consult KKKAR

  38. they interviewed scooter’s mom at his debut… here is the story of his name:

    he refused to wear his seatbelt in the car, so his inept mother decided to punt her responsibility to the local authorities. she brought him down to the police station and asked an officer to talk to him about seatbelt safety and laws. the officer asked his name, and he responded “scooter”… something his mother or anyone else has never called him before. it stuck.

    i like scooter’s FUCK THE POLICE attitude way better than beard-o’s impending crotch chop.

  39. my brain worked out how the BJ hater convo should have played out…. i sat down, 14 vs a 4. i’m waywaywayway drunk. i hit. all hell breaks lose, and a d00d and his boyfriend start mumbling like gurls. this was right after i high 3 roulette numbers in a row straight up. Q was in my ear telling me SECRETS.

    ME: i just wheel watched 3 in a row, PURE. i’m operating on a level you couldn’t understand. calm your dik.

    HIM: what did you say?!

    ME: calm your gurl’s dik instead…



    then we get to fight. #FUNFUNFUN

  40. i hit my 14 from 3rd base and drew the 7 that would have killed the table… everyone had big money out… i made everyone a fortune, and they repaid my ability to listen to Q and benefit us all with BITCH LIP, and then stuck around for a while to cry without betting.

    natalie does not like how her life turned out. JERRILIUM IS FINE WITH HIS.


  41. this chick ran on the field at the college world series yesterday and took a video of herself while getting arrested:


  42. I got a less HEAT for dumping HOT coffee on a man in a suit than you got at that table.

    And you doubled the 14 v the 4, saving the table. Makes it even more Qish.

    You were drunk but way ok. I think it was all those shots at the canny. Maybe they did have booze in em.

  43. a good fight was all that trip was missing… i gambo’d the cycle… up over 200 in poker, roulette, craps, and BJ. saw a fuckton of turtles. ate at pauls. sang at the rainbow. lied to a shuttle driver. got lied to by a cab driver. fun fun fun.

  44. came a long way from AKs, and jheri curls….
    i guess that’s what happens when you have kids, and marry girls


  45. i dropped him a line back… i’ll be in j-dillas studio tomorrow… maybe i can get him to come down to rayray and #collabo

  46. i used to lock my glock so haters couldn’t get the best of me…
    now i keep my bleach out of reach of curiosity

  47. i’m starting to think AO might be the conduit to Q. not sure if he’s a conscious conduit streaming me info, or a passive pattern enhancer that i utilized.


  48. There’s something weird going on between our brains. Today I got an email with recommendations from Amazon. Five pitching mounds and one pitching target. I’m pretty sure I have never looked at anything pitching related on Amazon.

  49. yeah, and the spambots here are advertising for altoona which is like a mile away. the NSA is getting #BOLD

  50. also realized i could have explained forward looking infrared scanners better: IT’S GEORDI’S VISOR.


  51. Backy Story:

    (from reddit)

    When I was young my father said to me:
    “Knowledge is Power….Francis Bacon”
    I understood it as “Knowledge is power, France is Bacon”.
    For more than a decade I wondered over the meaning of the second part and what was the surreal linkage between the two? If I said the quote to someone, “Knowledge is power, France is Bacon” they nodded knowingly. Or someone might say, “Knowledge is power” and I’d finish the quote “France is Bacon” and they wouldn’t look at me like I’d said something very odd but thoughtfully agree. I did ask a teacher what did “Knowledge is power, France is bacon” mean and got a full 10 minute explanation of the Knowledge is power bit but nothing on “France is bacon”. When I prompted further explanation by saying “France is Bacon?” in a questioning tone I just got a “yes”. at 12 I didn’t have the confidence to press it further. I just accepted it as something I’d never understand.
    It wasn’t until years later I saw it written down that the penny dropped.

  52. rach-o said that she had a dream the other day that we had 3 snapping turtles and they had a whole bunch of babies. she’s got the bug. i used to be haunted by dreams of baby turtles…. the only cure was to buy 60 of them.

  53. CHAW NEWS: the day after DUBB’N, one of the quadrants of my gums went dead…. very easy to quit after that. 2 days later, all the skin scrapes out and my mouth feels brand new. very obvious to start up again after that.

    cal was absolutely right… switching back to the skoal long cut wintocrap is just dumb. training wheel GARBAGE.

    the trick with the snuff is taking a pinch and rolling it on your gums in a dipping motion. is that why people say dip? man, i’m dumb. i would just shove it in there and it would get all over. properly applied it stays right in place. i barely spit anymore.


  54. is it unconstitutional that the government won’t let me buy medical care from someone that hasn’t taken out enough loans to buy one of their gestapo doctor licenses? what if i want to take my eye out and stick a FLIR sensor in there? WHY WON’T THEY LET ME? WAHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHH.

    i don’t want my doctor washing his hands before surgery. that shit is gay. just fucking cut me. I’M A MAN. NAZI BULLSHIT()*&!#%&()*!#%)&*(!^#

  55. me and rach-o and the HWK cleaned out our garage yesterday… rach-o threw away a bag of quarters because she said they were “greasy”. i told her that was a felony. she told me the law was stupid. someone come lock her up.

  56. maybe it isn’t a felony… looks like a $100 fine and 6 months of jail.


  57. in 1994, some genious changed the law from “max $100 fine”, to “fined per this title”…….. uh…… so unlimited fine?

    the law is dum and cal sucks.

  58. i have been trying very hard in the roto league, and lately thinking i’ve been making great moves, and having great days, and i’ve never been further behind.


  59. Damn. I had no internet in the north woods over the weekend. Loooots of dicks involved on the old snapchat.

  60. i didn’t get yelled at! i was tickling noses and figured at some point someone would yell at me, but a lady just came up and warned me not to get bit… i told her i was a turtle pro and she walked away smiling.

    that museum was no where near as magical as the turtle nurseries i would stumble upon in my dream adventures in the woods. first instinct: SCOOP THEM UP.

  61. I’m glad I got to know what happened. Who knew that Ray was a cut throat businessman?

    I guess the boys had to pay him off to buy the rights to the show so they could make some new episodes for swearnet.

  62. one of the brewers front office guys was talking with the TV guys for a while last night… he said he was getting lots of calls for gomez, and listening to everything they offered, and that they were considering them all…. but money was no object for the brewers (funny, considering they couldn’t even afford to pay for their own fucking stadium, lying cut throat businessmen fucks) but that they really needed pitching. he said all of that about 4 times in a row, pretty much promising the trade was going to happen and trying to stop fans from getting pissed off.

    TOO LATE. i’m already pissed off. give me my tax money back you fucks. $112 for tickets so i can watch you lose??? you’ve taken enough. GIVE IT BACK. half price ticket day one day a year???? R U JOKIN ME? you scamming fucks are going to GET YOURS.


  63. on my drive home from the sitter today, i was struck with memories of playing JARTS in my backybacky. 1 dumb fuck and now no one can play. my memory was a very very happy one. a memory the next generation (TNG) will never have.

  64. we were in rayray at my parents for the 4th and my uncle and their 3 kids from the saint louie stayed with us… his wife is the exact opposite of me, and the kids are terror brats. no discipline, no playing out of her sight, no anything. just sit there and don’t die. great life, brat.

  65. i’ve been telling the HWK for a while now about not playing in the street because cars could squish her, and she sort of got it, but watching a single episode of the sopranos and seeing the jew’s son get hit by the cab after their greasy chinese dinner in brooklyn and now she’s the one warning me every time she sees a car… and not in a scared voice… just like a happy “watch out daddy, car moving”.


  66. i had a visit from DeNiro from taxi driver on the porch today… showed up in full camo asking for donations to supplement his trip to new zealand to study tsunamis as part of his project for the university of iowa. what a story. i started talking to him about everything i knew about new zealand and iowa after telling him many times i had nothing for him (GO FLIP BURGERS LIKE A MAN)… eventually he shriveled up under the pressure of HIS LIES and walked away.


  67. he was the best wisco beggar i’ve seen. in phoenix they run strong game too. i’m pretty sure they’re all drug dealers, but i’m too stupid to ask. i always found that giving them a beer sent them away quick… then i’d see them running the same game at the neighbors with a bottle of corona in their hands, and i’m just like…… BUDDY…. ** infinite sigh **

    i would have gone for “will you take me to the bar across the street and buy me a drink?”


  68. clattenburger is the ricky of trevor’s real life. i wonder if he has a real life cory. cal would make a good cory.


  69. this morning, in the shower, i sang off the top of my head in the style of montel, “this is how we jew it”.

    “hebrews all around, yellin’ matzah, yo, we made it”

    it writes itself. someone must have already done this.


  70. thank you, internet… so predictable.

    “i reach for my yarmulke, and i put it on”…. i had that one word for word… i’ve confused how he missed that matzah line… he changed up the meaning from that of production to that of acquiring status… someone should have called me.

  71. i just gave dog the bratwurst hunter a mani/pedi and full shell scrub down and protective mask.

    i think he’s ready for the show. braun’s bay better lock up they daughters.


  72. that TNG episode where geordi and ensign ro get zapped out of phase and can walk through walls, but not through floors is pretty dumb.


  73. He rolls his own and releases music via his own website.

    More to the man than meets the eye.

  74. BOOM.

    He has recently released a line of vegan cookbooks co-authored by Rachael Ray.

    very important omission there.

    he makes about $50,000 a year from “bad boys II” royalties from fuddruckus alone.

  75. I did a few extra clicks to make sure that wasn’t a classic wikipedia lie. IT CHECKS OUT

  76. dog is free…. he was a little timid at first, but then he spotted a gill a few feet out and started chasing it in circles like a ST LUNATIC.

    don’t waste your energy, bro.


  77. When I released my piranha (it was in the cooling pond of a power plant so the water stayed warm and it could dine on mutant bass). It swam out and then turned back towards shore full speed and beached himself.

    I was convinced it was a ploy to try and fulfill his dream of biting me– lure me in and chomp. I avoided and got him back in the lake.

  78. i’m going to take all the pictures and videos i’ve ever taken of him, including the release, and put it all in slow motion and edit together a montage video with me singing “goodbye dog the bratwurst hunter” in the style of elton john’s “england’s rose” song.


  79. i’m starting to have flashbacks of making a similar promise from my old turtles i had in MN…. rach-o reminded me of those, i had forgot all about it. a dozen or so of the 60 baby sliders that had stayed with me throughout my cross country journeys (i let some go whenever the tank got crowded, and kept my favorites)…. i let all those go in the marshy lake next to the enchanted forest with the disc golf course. about a year later i saw one of them still in the lake. i forgot all about them. rach-o is sometimes useful.


  80. all those turtles lived in our guest bathroom tub for a long long time… many months. then we got quindo and had to scale down our pettage.

  81. CHAW NEWS: as every day passes, i HATE.HATE.HATE mint chaw more and LOVE.LOVE.LOVE the COPE.

    i have no idea what i was thinking before. i’m starting to think maybe timmer has sucked all along, and cal is an OK guy…. logic insists i’m wrong, but I’M STRUGGLING

  82. cal, how about you give me your catcher and someone else, and i’ll give you prince and molina.

    wwwwwwhazz really wants prince. lord over him.

  83. Ever think about growing your own tobacco and making homemade chaw? It could be your once a year treat and when it’s gone you are done with it until next year.

  84. yeah, i’ve linked to that before… that’s the stuff that is pasturized and has salt and other stuff to stop you from salivating…. but i’ve already adapted to not salivate, but the mint stuff still makes me spit. i think i could get that guy on board with COPE. it’s the best. cal is the best. timmer sucks.


  85. i need to get a dedicated garden area going. i planted a bunch of corn in a CORNer of the backybacky and told rach-o 1000 times not to mow it over, but she did it anyways to spite me. it’s sprouting back up again, but i’m not sure i’ll get anything this year… it’s supposed to be knee high by the 4th of july… it’s not even dik high yet… but i have a big one, so who knows.

    i also cleaned out my spare big garbage can that was in my garage and never used for garbage…. would that work for a compost pit? i saw you had something that looked like a garbage can, but i’m not sure if it’s sectioned or ventilated or something special.

    i already have a dehydrator… would i use that or just hang them in the basement for a few weeks?


  86. As cal once said: composting is fun.

    You are right about the need for ventilation. Mine looks like a garbage pail but there are vents and both ends are open.

    My corn is just about knee high. Maybe a little short. I made one of these this year:http://www.kidsgardening.org/node/12033


  87. i got one from jayb a couple hours ago…. video of him chugging from a keg with YOLO written on it.

  88. captioned something like “(other friend) is worried we’re starting too early”

  89. i can’t believe how fast sunflower plants grow…. i’m convinced the corn money lobby and the oil lobbies and farm equipment lobbies are all conspiring against them.


  90. i got a bunch more homies in the ol’ snapper tank now… 4 snails, 6 crabs, and 16 mixed fish.

    4 of the crabs are red claws, then i got 2 fiddlers, a lefty and a righty. one giant sucker fish looking thing… a big white koi… his name is white power… #SIGH

  91. I need to get back in the fish game. The maddddison zoo has a killer piranha tank.


  92. Releasing your dino is sad though. He was awesome. I wish he would have done an ET “I’ll be right here” to you and then bit your pinky off before he left.

  93. Murphy Lee pandora station is good. It opened with an extended version of country grammar (with lots of swears), moved to shake your tail feathers, and then midwest thang. Good stripper songs.

  94. Next it went with youngbloodz “if you dont give a damn we dont give a fuck” followed by Birdman CEO/stepfather of the century “Still Fly.”

    This station is a paul and todd party circa the pool table dayz in my pocket.

  95. RIPP’N NEWS: the HWK took a position right behind my bounce back thing… she stood with her feet inside of the cinder block sitting right behind the thing, then i had my old backstop laying in between her and the net incase the primary blew out… she was 100% safe, but it’s still very weird having your baby girl sitting there and rippin HEAT right at her face, BUT BUT BUT the same psychologiCAL issues that preprogrammed my brain to strike quindo many times could be harnessed to throw perfect strikes right at the HWKs face over and over and over. 10 pitches in a row fast as fuck, probably within a 5″ box from 30′ away. she loved it. i loved the life hacking.


  96. i’m starting to think the HWK may have been controlling the ball on her own… she might be one of those firestarter younglings. oh no. drew barrymore grew up to be TERRIBLE.


  97. the whole thing was her idea… i had put the cinder block right behind the back of the frame to keep it firmly in place… i also have 4 50lb sacks of sand holding it down. the spare net just sitting there for spare frame parts, but still functional (one small frame connector couldn’t hold up to my HEAT)… it wasn’t sitting there intended as a backup to protect spectators, but it served that purpose entirely.

    the HWK jumped in the cinder while i was doing yard shit, and called me over to RIP.

    my first reaction: “WHOA”…. i think i remember nelly doubled my thoughts with “HOT SHIT”, but i didn’t notice at the time as i was already busy testing the proof by negative.

    sole risk: THE HWK GETTING HIT WITH HIGH HEAT… the only way that could happen is if the net fails or the ball doesn’t hit the net. if the net fails, there is a backup net. if both nets fail, she’s standing right behind the back downpost, and (very helpfully) she’s holding it in place so low HEAT can’t sneak under… she’s got the pole splitting her face down the middle… her hands offset with her forearms protecting her stomach.

    any HEAT missing left, right, or high are all completely safe… nothing to bounce off of.

    the net frame goes all the way down to the ground… but the magic heater that snuck under would stay low and hit the backup net that is 10″ back and also touching the ground.

    the most likely disaster is the first net fails and then becomes magic and sneaks under the backup. in that case it would hit her no higher than the cinderblock that she’s standing inside of. anything else is lottery odds, and even then she’s in perfect defensive position, and witnesses a great HEAT show.

    my second reaction; catching up with reality: “WE GOIN’ DOWN (DOWN) BABY”


  98. swardson is doing the talk show rounds HEAVY… and doing the best i’ve ever seen him do… or really most people do. he gets to “poop” early. that is KEY.

  99. i just bought a used yard vacuum off craigslist for $190 that retails new for $1000. started great, works great, but just walked in garage and it’s dripping gas. not a ton, like an 8″ stain, but any gas is too much. i put it outside. shite. i might just use it as is and pump the gas out afterwards and run it dry.


  100. i can’t sue…. he said it “works good”… the problem is it doesn’t “not work good”. i forgot to ask.


  101. i’m still handing out DBQ skrill, so i’ll just mark it as Q arranged.


  102. “whose line is it anyway” is coming back to TV tonight at 7pm on CW. LOCK UP YO DAUGHTERS.

  103. hey whazzman, the country jam is in O’Cleezy this weekend. bring A-JZA and the wifey.

  104. Whazzmaster, I read that Thief of Thieves, but didn’t dig it.

    I did like Ready Player One, though. Neat idea, a fun read. Some of the writing was a bit shite from a techiCAL point of view.

    The whole early chapters that are all exposition– it’s a story, bro: scene that shit out. And he is writing in first person with the audience being the people who want to hear the story of the man who found the egg. Why on earth would that audience need all the background info on the hunt and how things like school works in the future? They would already know all that stuff. If cal found the stupid medallion would he explain to his readers how high school works?

    I got over all that soon enough and the plot was fun, appealed to my dual interests of video arcades and hunting for treasure.

    Good rec, thanks.

  105. I mean, I needed to know about the hunt and about gunters and suxors and virtual high school, but his hypothetiCAL reader did not.

    The art of fiction is giving all that info via scene. Unless he wanted to establish that the narrator is an anti social lonely dude who talks way too much and lacks social skills… then I guess it works. But I don’t think that’s the case. I think he imagined a world and then just info dumped it on us.

  106. GET NUDE!

    AXS.TV’s show “Gotham Comedy Live” is very good. most jews tv producers are too scurrrrrred to put live comedy on the air. the show is good. this week was hosted by judah THE WORLD CHAMPION. next week is charlie murphy.

    LOCK UP YO DAUGHTERS)*&#!%&*()!#%^*()!#^*)(

  107. Maddddd, can you give me your weather prediction for the Rockies, cubs game in Colorado tonight? They getting wet or playing ball?

  108. I’m going to a karaoke party next month, and I’m going to perform “Dust In the Wind” by Kansas. For my outfit, I’m going to wear a University of Kansas t-shirt and cap, but I can’t decide what my stage name should be. I’m trying to think of something that has a city in the state of Kansas, and something that has to do with rock or music. Any suggestions?.

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