Nexus > iPad

I’m late to this party because I’ve been so busy at work lately, but I was lurking last week when Maddddddd made a stirring defense of the Nexus 7 over the iPad Mini. I happen to agree; I got one of the new Nexus 7’s a few months back and I’ve been loving it. It’s my first real Android device in anticipation of moving to an Android phone once my iPhone 5 pisses me off too much (which may be next week or in 6 months- not sure yet.)

So far it’s been fantastic, with great battery life and fairly good app selection. Definitely for what bellygirl was talking about there’s tons of options for productivity apps. The only thing I’ve see lacking is some of the games that I like on the iPhone, but it’s not as if I play them a ton anyways. Kindle app works great, twitter and RSS reader are nice. The mobile Google Chrome browser is the tits: it syncs my bookmarks from my desktop and errythang.

EDIT: And just because, here’s the HBO opening from 1983.

153 thoughts on “Nexus > iPad

  1. yo yo yo yo yo i heard the onion print edition is dead. that blows! i don’t read anything on line except whazzmaster and even then i need a half hour of thumb scrolling to daifjdlakjflidsajflkajfkldsajfkldaj so yeah, go buy you a speak and spell and connect it to your flux capacitor and type BRUN JEOPARDY! so it can play WOW… or just give your money to apple and they will do it all for you. COMPUTER NERDS! i’m all about my new computer phone. whoa my stream-o-consciousness brought back JEOPARDY! from THE SUBCONSCIOUSNESS. DUHN DUHN DUHNNNNN. before i copied that game onto floppy disc from some other person that other person created a player named: I DONT GIVEE. he became a friend to me. I love you I DON’T GIVEE. my sister and I pronounced it: EYE DON’T GIVE-Y.

    gotta run – yoga CLAss at noon fuckers.


  2. i saw that the onion was shutting down print and my first thoughts were concern for cal… i thought i posted here, but that last post got too scrolly. i gave up.

    i used to only get access to them in high school on trips through madison to the dells. i’d bring back 10+ copies and hand them out in high school calculus class. dovos was probably there. i know the big show was.

    in education news: do you know that the racine public elementary curriculum now has kids adding 4 digit numbers in 5th grade math???? that’s where kids are at in 5th grade now. ADDING. are we doing this on purpose so we have a generation of dum-dums to work the arbys slicer machines?

    i’ve already taught my kid math. the only problem is she thinks “5784” is the answer to ever question. that’s a 4 digit number. shes on the same level as people 5 times as old as her. #500IQ

  3. last saturday i watched with my wife and children the globally sanctioned MMA fights from brasil on basic cable. dan hendo took a dive to victor beanfarts. i’m starting to think all non-pay-per-view fighting isn’t worth its cost of admission. it’s either rigged or JABRONIES. so i get excited for the PPV next saturday, when rach-o confidently says that the PPV was last saturday (it wasn’t) and the fights we were watching at 9:30pm LIVE were the prelims (they weren’t)… we fought some more about how she couldn’t possibly be right, then i just decided to let her believe she was right… she says to go get the box so we can buy the fight. i say $50 is way too much to waste on making our tv flicker a certain way for a few hours. her exact response, “i will fuck some guy for $50″


    FINE. do it.

    next thing out of her mouth, “do you want to fuck me?”

    i’m the SOME GUY)*&#!^&)*!%#)*(&!%#)*(#^!*()&!#^

  4. do you have $50? do you want to fuck my wife? do you want to watch the PPV this saturday on TRUBBBBBBBBBBS?

    find your way to the cleeeeezy.

  5. i am about to put my shoes on, leave my house and drive to the gas station… just for chaw. JUST FOR CHAW.

    how is this shit legal? i’m just guessing that the lawmakers have already got a taste, and the chaw demons living in their blood won’t let them write the legislation.


  6. i am sooooooo sick of icognito talk. anyone who talks about it is a half fairy lady baby. if you talk about it again, i’ll kill you.


  7. 1. The $50 stuff made me actually laugh out loud and then Pi heard me laughing so she laughed too. She’s got to up the price. I lap dance is like $20.

    2. I have not seen a UFC PPV since the St P Diaz match last April. I have seen a few free cards, random foreign dudes face punching. The next ppv looks ok. I’m not buying it but I might go to a bar to watch it. Who knows.

    3. I hope some of me and Kaaaaleeshe’s text wars never get published. Sometimes our more beer fueled exchanges get vile.

  8. i told her you said to up the price… she says, “i don’t know the going rate for a sexual…….”


    she thinks $50 is a fair price for “a sexual”.

  9. i saw a mouse in my house today. it was in the trubbbbbbroom… running along the top of the cement walls in the basement right under the floorboards. he stopped when he saw that i saw him… we shared a moment… he congratulated me on all i had accomplished in the trubbbbbbbroom, and went on his way as if he owned the place. he ducked into a piece of insulation and then poked his head back out, “i stay in here”….

    good for you, little fucker, but this house operates under highlander law.

    at the same time i’m in the planning stages of an outdoor winter habitat for squirrels and chipmunks on my porch with an adjoining window in my kitchen. basically i’m building the projects. i hope the mice evolve hip hop skillz.

  10. i know. i had one in the house earlier in the summer. i leave the backyard door open for the dogs, i think he snuck in then. he scampered across my living room back behind my TV. my wife came home and i told her i saw it… she didn’t believe me. we went to the store and left the dogs outside with the porch door open. when we got back, the mouse was laying dead on his back right in front of the inside door from the porch to the kitchen… the dogs were barking at it. i think the dogs killed the mouse with fear, the same way politicians and lawyers and police are killing us all.

    i drilled a hole in my floor from behind my living room TV down to the trubbbbbbroom, and i’m guessing this new mouse got downstairs through there. i only saw him once, and he seemed cool, but if he’s shitting in my insulation, he has to go.

    sticky traps or old school? did anyone ever build the metaphoriCAL better mousetrap? should i use poison instead? scatter weed brownie bits and then play some hendrix out on the porch to lure him outside?

    once i get my mammalian projects up and running things should get better…. or way way worse. i’m hoping for coo coo cal projects, and not det det detroit projects.

  11. rach-o and wwwwwwwzzzz are kindred spirits… constantly cleaning. i find it comforting that even with all that work, you can still get mice. might as well just be lazy like me.

  12. cable tv addition news:

    the pete holmes show = very very good.
    @midnight with chris turdprick = very very bad.


  13. in video game addition news:

    call of duty ghosts is an ok game… but i’ve been hooked on BIRDS OF STEEL. weeeeeeeeeeee i’m a fighter pilot. BOOM. you’re dead. whoops, i crashed…. RESTART… i’m alive again! BOOM. you’re dead. bombs bombs bombs. fun. very realistic flight sim, but fun as an arcady game too.

  14. i spelled addiction wrong twice…. the chaw demons won’t even let me acknowledge the word anymore.

    cal, you jerk…. help.

  15. Don’t do poison in the house– you got kids and dogs and turtles. Plus, the mouse will eat it and crawl somewhere to die a stinky death.

    Glue is ok if you want a “eat cheese and die slow” situation. They stick to the glue and squeak and break limbs trying to get away. I have used glue but only if I’m up late drinking and monitoring, loaded bb gun in hand to finish the job.

    Old school Victor snap traps are the best. Watch your dicks, them things are snappy. They do the job quick and fast. Only use a tiny bit of bait. I like peanut butter. For some reason, gobbing it on makes it easy to pick it clean.

    I learned most of what I know from lawman who learned it from our old college roommate brandon. That dude knew how to exterminate, would build glue trap, snap trap gauntlets that took care of the problem, quick.

  16. I’m getting itchy for Dubuque.

    I’m really getting itchy for vegas and I’m praying that Dubuque tamps it down.

  17. Pods really loves Pete Holmes’s podcast, You Made It Weird. We listened to a ton of it on our trip to Canada this summer. It’s usually Pete interviewing some other comic or actor about life. I had no idea Jay Mohr was so deep.

    Re mousetraps: my experience is you want to get name-brand snap traps, like Victor. Generic ones tend to be malfunctioning junk.

  18. whoa. a theoretiCAL CAL trap.

    yo cal, did greg cry on your shoulder at all about me stomping him last week in fantasy? did you cry on his wanger?

  19. yeah, already saw that drone thing. i’m way way way up on drones. they are the best. that is why they need to be stopped.

    i play my flight sims all day, get better and better and better at making targets go BOOM, and dream about getting RECRUITED to be a drone pilot, but i figured they have way more than enough guys playing internet murderer already.

    then today i read a story about a drone trainee pilot crashing… just $12,000,000 taxpayer dollars down the drain. no big deal. money isn’t real. arabs aren’t real… they are just little red Xs on a heads up display somewhere. you’re SUPPOSED to BOOM the little red Xs. that is how the game works. it’s fun. boom boom boom. no more little red X on the arab. no more arab. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. here is the story on the crash

    original reports said $5M, now it says $4M, but i’ve seen the invoices… they are $12M… that might come with some support contract or whatever, but that’s what they pay for them… even though there is far more technology and raw products and parts and general engineering built into a honda civic. basically the government is getting ripped off and no one cares because the fed prints fake money based on BOOM and needs to keep the BOOMs flowin.


  21. and that “6 things you’re wrong about” article is pretty dumb… i didn’t think any of those things. obviously i already knew better, but i don’t really think most people would think most of those things.

    i especially don’t get the claims that it’s nothing like a video game… the display they showed to show that it’s nothing like a video game looks exactly like the fighter plane simulation games i play. “the green line means he’s turning”… uh… seriously, reporter guy??? the green line represents the horizon. you can fly the play sideways and go straight.


  22. the drone thing is going to play out just like the SEC laws… right now the law says they can’t fire unless human hands are on the controls and physically pushed the only button that can fire weapons. the drone pilots aren’t needed at all. the autopilots work better, the law of war is the only thing that keeps them in the box. the SEC made similar laws that transactions could only be processed by a keyboard button being pressed, so they just made another layer of robots to push the buttons. put the pilots hand on the controls and on the weapons button, then dose them with sleepy pills and use other robots that grasp onto their hands on top of the control and manipulate the human.

    somewhere along the road arnold swartzenegger shows up naked.

  23. and the result: government gave up, and now this is what 1/100th of a second of trading of a single stock (merck) looks like: high frequency trading

    pretty soon all those pretty flashes will be drones flying over your house and watching you masturbate to videos of other people masturbating to cat porn… that’s how things work in the future… all the videos are public, so it’s fun for everyone

  24. yeah, i remember staring at it in amazement as a kid waiting for fraggle rock to come on. we’d also watch the new movie on friday night if 20/20 wasn’t any good after TGIF. we didn’t even have real cable… just like 10 channels, but those were the days you could still buy HBO as an add-on and it worked by a cable guy coming to your neighborhood and physically removing a filter block on channel 2. the good old days. people. analog. kids learning to write before 4th grade.

    then the cable company switched everything to require a cable box and we cancelled everything. fuck you cable company. fuck your box. no more HBO :(… but not having TV let me play with model rockets and build bombs and blowguns, so that was fun.

  25. I lived with my mom. We had foodstamps and HBO. Zero parental guidance over what went into my eyes. Creepshow: check. Rocky IV: check, on the reg. Poltergeist: Check, nightmares for a month. Fraggle Rock: check, misunderstood. Cannery Row: check, major boner for the frog hunting scene.

  26. Here is my problem with the NRA, bra.

    Their culture. A change in thinking is more powerful than any law and the NRA has a culture of poop mouthedness. Shit mouths, bro. A bunch of turd licking brown lipped ass munchers.

  27. NFL countdown……. don’t worry… it’s coming…. just try to stay calm…. it’s almost here, don’t freak out. just count down. it’s close. spend the time counting… it will be here soon enough. seriously, don’t freak out. it’s almost here…. hey… HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!#()*&%(*&)!#%~()&*!#^)&*( AHHHHHH!#%)(*&!#%(*^!#%^(*(^&*%!#^(*&!#%(&*&(*!#^%

  28. stills is tied up right now in negotiations with pollos. i’m trying to beef him up so he can take suhhhhck down. i hate that guy.

  29. pollos is really pissing me off. i gave him everything he needed to win, and he rejected it and tried to get marshall and AP for that asshat GTate. ugggg. how did i lose to that guy?)!&#%)&(!#^

  30. i haven’t seen the mouse again… but i haven’t pulled out all the insulation yet either. i could very well find a pile of turds and 1000s of mice. i’d rather not know about that.

    i think the mouse very well could have since processed our moment together and gathered his unwelcomeness, and my professional handling of the situation. he’s paying it forward in someone else’s cupboard.

  31. flynn has 0.08 projected points.

    i would LOVE to see the lady math behind that… only because it’s probably right.

  32. there are hilarious squirrels in my backy right now… one of them charges at the other who stands still…. much like a bull fighter, the still squirrels leaps at the last second, then turns to face the charging squirrel, who turns and charges back. repeat about 10 times so far. zuffa has nothing on this.

  33. the only other meeting of the minds i’ve had with a non-slave in the basement was with a large spider. i had killed some spiders, and i think he knew about it.

    he darted out with purposefulness from under the furnace, and took a position 3′ in front of me, starting me down… he sent a single message, “let’s go, motherfucker”.

    we went, he died… but, WHOA. the spunk on that guy was admirable.

  34. NFL network just ran a show: top 10 packers of all time.

    their number 1: don hutson

    who? were they not sure if sharpe had an e on the end or not??? did they just not want to give JORDY a big head?


  35. me and my brother went through many iterations of bow building… we never got into compounds… final product i remember was a lethal crossbow made of wood scraps.

    the improvised weapons thing doesn’t play well because that’s not what the psychos are using. those spin guns seem really scalable… you could put an autoloader full of steelies on it, and make it have 4 barrels. that thing would rain death way better than an AR, and make people step back and realize the education system has failed us all.


  36. i see about 10,000 ads a day for edUX. that is where your tuition money is going, “students”.

    they say “your name” will have a place… then, to cover their asses, they show a placard literally reading “your name” sliding onto an office door.

    “oh, we didn’t mean, like, your name… we meant “your name”…. yeah… you have no chance of getting a job.”

  37. You want to homeschool, bro? I’ll teach your kids. You can teach mine math and ballistics and self defense and theoretical econ and omelette making and music.

  38. i say we just start our own elementary school… that racket is PRIME right now because of all the VOUCHER programs. my parents are still very involved in the church i was confirmed at… it has a elementary school and they wouldn’t be in business without the vouchers, but with it, they are in BI$$$$$NI$$$$$$.

    let’s just say, the basketball hoops in the gym are hooked to the ceiling… and they retract. THEY RETRACT.


  39. i just got my “wheeling and dealing” medal on yahoo. i deserve it. congressional level shit.

  40. he got no money. i sold him 100% on winning week 11, the only thing that should matter to him.


  41. his whole team was trash. my trash was a sack of rinsed and and crushed aluminum cans that he could turn in for a win.

    cobb is trash to him. he doesn’t have any false hope for a playoff birth… it isn’t happening. he only has week 11. just win. he made the right move.

  42. i stumbled on ROCK JOCKS on netflix last night… such a relevant movie to the general destruction i spew around here.

    you won’t leave a changed person, but if you’re already changed, these guys made a movie that will consume 91 minutes of your time, deservedly.


  43. one fantasy law i’ve heard a lot lately is that guys that call out their team and demand the ball always have a great following week.

    cecil shorts III did just that today. it’s “fucking dumb” to not give him the ball. how could he be so hateful towards his teammates?


  44. what do you think about… basically riding their supreme court decision tied into bill frists RAPING of american justice by declaring gambling on fantasy sports a “game of skill” whereas poker is mindless and felonious … they stepped that up to offer futures and options trading on performance and earnings of sports players. all perfectly legal… i know because bill frist said so, and what he says is law without any votes or debate. he is god. bill frist is our jesus. praise him, or go to guantanamo you half honkey pinko communist. if you don’t live by the law that bill frist dictates, i will slap your REAL mother in the face.

    so arian foster just got hurt and lots and lots of people lost lots and lots of money. but it’s a game of skill, so, suck it up and pay the man. his name is frist. he takes checks. he is retired and laughing at you with his $20,000,000 in harrah’s house money.

    we must protect bill frist.

  45. did you look into fantex?

    basically arian foster commoditized himself… he IPO’s for $10,550,000. he took the $10,000,000 and fantex took the $550,000 for running a server to process transactions.

    so, 1,000,000 shares were sold at $10 a piece. that buys you the rights to 20% of all of arian foster’s future earnings. advertisements, endorsements, NFL salary/bonus… everything (assuming he reports it to them). so, until he earns $50,000,000, the shares are underwater, but the future potential of earnings would still drive the trading and move the price per share up or down.

    what a fucking jow rigged joke, but hey, bill frist said it was ok. the SEC even said it was ok…. they said the toxic mortgages were ok… everything is ok. let the robots fly the drones, arian foster is not a person, he is an investment.

    well, anyways, he got broken, skipped town with your $10,000,000, and he gives bill frist tongue jobs up his ass.

    arian foster gets hurt IN THE MIDDLE OF AN NFL PLAYING FIELD. that isn’t gambling, that is SKILL. oh no, a queen came on the river… GO TO JAIL, YOU CRIMINAL FUCK. YOU WERE GAMBLING(*!#%(*&!%#(&*!#^%&(*!^#&)(!^

  46. basically that means that the SEC now has jurisdiction over what happens on the NFL playing field. american investments are at risk. we can’t have all this pushing and shoving on the field. no more tackling. the SEC makes the laws now. the ball is too hard… it could jam your finger… make it plush and stuffed with cotton candy.

    make everyone shake hands after every play and promise to play nice.


  47. If I win and you win, you play outlawz next week heads up for $250 and a bi sexual wrestling match with cla.

  48. wait, so the $250 division winner isn’t the winner of the division playoffs?

    i thought i wouldn’t smell cash until week 15.

    what can i do to help you this week?

  49. 1. Nope, regular season. Shuuuu already locked up his $250. The other $250 is between you and Outlawz.

    2. You can help me, first off, by the power of positive thinking. Second, perhaps a foot rub. My dogs are barking, bro. Third, cheer for Jordy.

    3. Yes, the $500 is often won by some 6th seed jobber– I’m looking at you, pods–you Ray Rice sandbagging all star.

    $250 division #1 Shu!!!!!!!!!
    $250 division #2 You??????????
    $200 high score GREG!!!!!!!!!!!
    $500 You???????????

  50. am i doing borderline shady shit? i also want rodgers from kkkkkkcar and he seems willing to deal… would you take heat for that? is that cheating? i want to play nice and not turn the world against me, but RAW is WAR, bro…


  51. are those fuckers in the other league colluding? i don’t even watch. i probably should be.

    right now i’m weighing all the week 16 matchups and where all the teams will be in their own payoff hunts… if i make it to the show, i’m leaving a champion.

  52. pods scares the shit out of me. i thought i was on here all day making way too many moves, and she has almost twice as many. only the stay at home professional turtle has more. and whatever she is doing is obviously working… i just got crushed 200-0. maybe i should review trade history and crack her system. i think sexy boy tom brady is a big part of it.

  53. so, theoretically, i could make it to the championship game and win nothing?

    come on, bro… even the NFL pays the losing players in the super bowl… and they are cheap as shit. whining about people watching their games using an antenna…. “you should have to pay to watch our games” -the NFL. those guys.

    “division winner” to me is the winner of the division playoffs, but i did think it was weird to guarantee 1 guy gets $750, so it makes a lot more sense the way it is, but i didn’t realize that or would have played harder this week and thus fell much harder, so i’m thankful regardless.


  54. whoever left gregory jennings on the heap before he plays the packers, who he spent the offseason badmouthing, while their QB is broken…. man… bad judgement… but bullhead mccarthy might double him all night out of spite. that guy is messed up. his climate is chaos and he refuses to move the rudder. wait… actually that’s probably the right move in my analogy, BUT HE IS WRONG.

  55. now that i think about it, there aren’t division playoffs… it’s all seeded over both divisions.


  56. appeals court is where the action is. i’m starting to understand cal’s plan. so perfectly devious. he is the worst.

  57. This is the first year with 2 divisions.

    In the old days it was $50 entry. $300 to the regular season champ(there was only 1 division) and $300 to the playoff champ. It ran like that for many years.

    We upped the entry to $100 2 or 3 years ago and then started messing with payouts.

    It’s been split 50/50 regular season $600 and $600. Last year, we split it regular season and playoff but also paid the regular season highest points and a twank to the weekly high score, though getting folks a weekly twank was a headache.

  58. Next year, I’ll prob move the trade deadline back. It’s pretty late this year. We’ve never had a collusion issue, though. It’s a friendly league. No need for goofy rules.

    High money leagues do not allow trading.

  59. if we are all friends, and i have a player on the injured reserve and PER RULE that player CAN NOT play again until the playoffs, and there is NO chance i make the playoffs, then why wouldn’t i give that player away to one of my friends? he is worthless to me, and could help my friend out. not giving him away is poison. or is that what the waiver wire is for? should bri have just dropped him?

    i could see a league with no trades and 12 hour waivers. still room to cheat, but with the added bonus of room to snipe people trying to cheat.

  60. the dad or the cop???

    school is over at 2pm (KIDS DONT EVEN STAY UNTIL 3PM ANYMORE… lazy fucking teachers)… he is there for his kid, school is done… give him his kid. you try and keep my kid from me and BOOMBOOMBOOM


  61. I’d like to see pods and timmer stop fucking around and make the playoffs instead of showtime and hoopla.

  62. 1) I painted an entire apartment with a busted collarbone (and percocet). Rodgers needs to step up.

    2) All five of pods’s wins have been biggest blowout. So have two of her losses. Resurrected Ray Rice is our family’s redemption.

  63. no way. the dad was calm. school is done. fuck the rules if the rules are fucked. who is the school trying to protect? what are they trying to protect them from?

    school is dismissed, the child is neither a “walker” defined as someone who leaves school alone, or a “rider” defined as someone who is picked up by a parent in a car. at 2pm the students are officially “dismissed”. the father was within his rights to recover his child. andy griffith was an asshole, and i can’t wait for the million dollar lawsuit after charges of child imprisonment and false arrest come up…. or more shootings. more laws = more shootings = more laws = more shootings. there is no fix. #BUYGUNS

  64. here is how you stop school shootings… capture a shooter alive and torture them live on the news for hours. cut his dick off then cauterize the wound so he doesn’t bleed out and die. scoop out the eyeballs. nail his chin to a table with a giant railroad spike through the mouth. cut off toes, then feet, then legs. then laugh.

    no more school shootings.


  65. I want that dad tortured.

    Ok, I don’t want pods in the poffs. She is too dangerous. Give me shithead showtime.

  66. in front of kids, man.

    how about this one… lock up the parents? they signed over rights to the hospital just like every parent does to the school system. at what point when the system fails are you allowed to rise above the system and be a parent?

    i’d say, right about at the point where you’re done reloading.


  67. I had to bust P-dog out of the dog ER after his stroke. Poor puppy was paralyzed from the neck down, whimpering in a cage. My choices were dog ct for $800 to see if he needed a 2K surgery or wait until the morning and see if he is better… if not, put him to sleep.

    I was like, buzzzzzzzz: neither. Give me my dog.

    I was not doing a risky 2K surgery on an 11 year old pug. It was about ethics more than money. Don’t do crazy shit on my old bones either. And no way I was having him spend his last night on earth in a cage by himself.

    Dude was all blahblah risk blahblah. I nodded and told him I understood: now, give me my dog. I figured I’d have my sister get some meds from work and we’d diy euthanasia at home after a nice night of gay boy man/dog cuddling and hotdogs.

    In other news, I taught Reilly to say “cal sucks.” I make her say it before I give her ice cream. I’ve also been singing the HBO theme but using the word cal for every sound. Give it a try.

  68. i hated hard on mccarthy and the internet told me that i’m not in the NFL so i don’t know. i told them that they were NOTHING.


  69. “I was like, buzzzzzzzz: neither. Give me my dog.”… so, you were basically the dude in the entryway of the school. go to jail.

    i really really really want to built my spin gun concept. it would revolutionize misplacing blame on weapons. i might actually make cal cry.

    in a normal “machine” gun, there is a very long pipeline in the firing sequence between shots… bolt back, injector grabs a bullet, injector rises when the bolt recoils, new bullet slid into chamber, block comes back and locks, firing pin is released… wait for it…. BOOM, projectile begins moving, explosion blows the bolt back, repeat.

    with the spin gun, there are already projectiles gaining momentum in the pipeline constantly. put on 4 barrels with staggered spinners and every single rotation of the main axel would shoot 4 projectiles and have another 20+ already gaining momentum. ban steel

  70. Js has a story about a dad and son pimp operation. Part of the evidence is a 6 page letter the dad wrote to the son from jail. It’s full of pimp dad advice like “1 hoe is a number too close to no hoe”. And he tells the kid to read it 2 x because”he stays higher than an eagle’s dick”. The whole letter is six pages, hand written.

  71. So far it’s been fantastic, with great battery life and fairly good app selection. Definitely for what bellygirl was talking about there’s tons of options for productivity apps. The only thing I’ve see lacking is some of the games that I like on the iPhone, but it’s not as if I play them a ton anyways. Kindle app works great, twitter and RSS reader are nice. The mobile Google Chrome browser is the tits: it syncs my bookmarks from my desktop and errythang.

  72. the modifikasi motor kills children
    the modifikasi motor has a battery that catches on fire
    the modifikasi motor is evil
    the modifikasi motor breaks down often
    the modifikasi motor is butt
    the modifikasi motor is anti-semitic

  73. Level 4 – Protect The Palace __________________________________________________.
    Studies have shown that marijuana fundamentally alters the makeup of sperm cells.
    Enter the gate that you broke through and fight off a couple more bad guys.

  74. wow… those pakistani kids are targeting us directly. hilarious.

    breaking bad game, bro. just hit up the blogspot and run the downloadable native executable… “i can’t show you any gameplay”…. don’t worry, habib…. i totally understand why.


    whazzman…. seriously…. way to go blocking 12,000,000 spams, but WHO THE FUCK NEEDS THE WEBSITE LINK TO THEIR NAME?!#%()&*!#^ it allows these spams to go though… they get their link on the page. it’s dumb. you put up a minefield and left the screen door open on the back porch.


  75. just download the breaking bad executable for PC3 or XBOX onto your computer…………… seriously? hilarious. 2 rupees for EVERYONE.


  76. pretty sure BStarG was completely responsible for the writers strike.

    hollywood isn’t full of dummies…. way smart jews up in that…. WAY smart. fly in the boardroom: “this show is better than the bible.” “we must kill it.” “like we killed jesus?” *unanimous* “YES.”

    so the writers went on strike… show got dumb… BStarG off the air…. problem AVERTED. bring back the writers and tell leno to shave his dick.


  77. i’m fucking here now. 2014. fuck the timeline. i’ll fuck the butt of a duece through a dime. i don’t lie. only truth from the scientifiCAL sleuth. the voting booth is rigged. white haired pubes raking most of the vig. so eat pig, and dig for confederate gold, or so i’m told, those fools buried coins by the load.

    i even saw the lights from the goodyear blimp, and they said, “cal sucks”

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