The beginning of a whole new blog…

Well, everything seems to be working now. The site is operational, though not accessible. I’m working on that, though. I spoke with Luke Pacholski and he is going to get me set up with space on his webserver.

So I went to and signed up for an account, but I have to wait for damn Paypal to process my deposit to my account before I donate to get the Customer DNS solution working.

Hopefully by about the beginning of September I’ll be all set on the new server, and then people can actually see all my hard work. I’m still thinking about some things I want to add to the site:

  • Workout Tracker
  • Wrestling Reviews
  • Pic of the Day
  • Wedding RSVP Tracker

The Pic of the Day is definitely going to happen as soon as I get a scanner to load all my pics into the computer, the RSVP TRacker is dependent on if I can convince Erin to let me. The Workout Tracker I tried once before and it didn’t come out very pretty, but I know a good deal more about PHP programming now so it should come out a little better now.

Happy Birthday, Aaron Moneypenny. You’re finally 21, better learn to enjoy the High Life.