Are you ready for some foosball?

I have baseball tickets for a game today? I would really like to see the A’s extend their winning streak (I believe what others have said: “The A’s are kinda like the Brewers of the West Coast”), but if the players really think that extra 100 gazillion dollars is that important, I don’t think I will be returning to baseball next year. Will I be going? If not, I will be playing NFL 2K3 on my Gamecube and loving every Wavebird Wireless second of it.

Myself, Erin, Erin’s sister Beth, and Beth’s boyfriend Brian went to the city last night to eat dinner at Foreign Cinema and watch the movie Amelie. The Onion doesn’t seem to think that much of the movie, but I found it pretty good, and I’d like to buy the DVD. The restaurant was awesome, and we ended up all ordering the same thing: onglet. That is some good goddamn steak, that onglet. I highly recommend that those in the Bay Area check out the place, but holy hell take a cab. We took the BART and it was like walking through a nightmare down on Mission Street, though we were only approached by one drunken, crazy hobo.