It’s Labor Day and HOT!

Phew, I just didn’t think it got this hot on a hill in San Mateo. I’m dying here. And as I look at the new weather widget on the home page, it says that the temperature is 99° F! What?! I’m going to go sit in the sink for awhile with the water turned on cold.

In other news, I absolutely hate the New Orleans Saints. They took me into overtime in NFL2K3… NO ONE takes me into overtime in NFL2K*. Final score 23-20 Pack, but they scored in some pretty ridiculous ways: a 45 yard interception run back for a touchdown, and a sweep left for about 70 yards. That kinda stuff don’t happen when Moneypenny plays. So I intercepted one of my own and ran it in for a TD, and then I tossed a few All Go bombs to my boys Glenn and Ferguson. In OT I made it mine with a 30-odd yard FEELGOOD goal to win. Take that you punk, Joe Horn.

Let’s see, my parents IM’d today to say that they bought a new digital camera for their trip out to visit. I’d say it’s the bomb.


[UPDATE at 8:02pm]

I just finished watching Dogma, and hey, Kevin Smith is just as much of a retard as Seanbaby wrote an article about saying he was. Also, according to my college-level reading skills, its 8:00pm and still over 90° outside, goddamnit.

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