Event Number 1: Played Cal in tennis today. I actually won, which as you all know is almost a mathematical impossibility (like the Lions beating the Pack– erm, well). Final score: 6-3, 6-4. My serve dominated the second set, w00t! Cal was a good sport about the whole thing, I mean jesus, he beat me 4 to 5 times a week for a whole summer!

Event Number 2: I hate you NFL2K3. I also hate you Detroit Lions. I also hate myself for giving up 10 points in the last 1:11 of the 4th quarter to lose 13-10 with 4 seconds left off a field goal (note this one is NOT a FEELGOOD goal).

General Event of Today: Hot. It is hot. My skin is melting and I’m just waiting for Old Scratch to walk into my apartment, sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Cause I may have lost to the Detroit fucking Lions, but I ain’t goin out like that.

Whazz Update: I’d like to announce the Annual Whazz Tournament will be held at my house at the end of September. I regret to report that it is an invitational this year, though if more people show up I guess we could have a qualifying round (remember that, Ewaz?). Currently the field is RAJ, CAL, PAL, and EWZ (I honestly can’t remember what Ewaz goes by these days). Cal seems confident he will make it back to back championships, I believe that once you buy the course, you kinda have an advantage, and PAL? Well, let’s just say I hope he turns back into HHH, cause he’s gonna need to turn it up a notch to beat RAJ this year.

Maybe more later. Bye.

[UPDATE at 6:44pm]

Event Number 3: I once again got my ass handed to me at today. Not so much of a surprise.

Site News: I’ve got the Picture-Searcher online today, along with public access to the List of All Pictures. That should be cool, once I get more pictures uploaded, which is hopefully soon. I’m going to work on getting it so you don’t have to be logged in to write a haiku. That should come along soon.