Quicken 2003

Yesterday at the office they started giving out the free copies of Quicken 2003 Premier, so I grabbed one. Got home and installed it, and I have to say that I’m impressed with the new look of the UI. There’s some other new stuff in there as well, but I really didn’t have time to rock out on the digital tip before going to work out at the gym.

I still kind of want a method to keep track of my workouts, but I can’t think of a good way to organize the database. It’s probably not such an awesome idea anyways.

Judd wants me to help him set up a new website, which I would be more than happy to do since this one is pretty much done.

[UPDATE at 4:28pm]

Looks like someone else also has a problem with how hard it is to show some some offense in NFL2K3. Mostly this guy is right on when he talks about how damn hard it is to pull off a pass. Most of the time your receiver will get the ball, only to have it swatted out by the defender. When you’re on defense though, it’s damn near impossible to keep even the 5th best receiver from making an all-star grab. There’s nothing I hate more than sports AI that just cheats instead of being intelligent. Yeah computer, if I was able to run down a Corvette like you and you actully fell down when tackled, then maybe you wouldn’t be able to go 80 yards once you get through my damn d-line.

[UPDATE at 10:10pm]

I’ve placed in the last two tournaments I’ve played in on pokerroom.com. Things are starting to look up, I guess.