Terror in San Jose

Lots, lots, LOTS to talk about. It seems that if I try to update every day, I don’t seem to have much to say, but then I go a day without and my list of things to jot down becomes immense.

First off, we (erin, I, judd, and scott) hit downtown San Jose friday night for a night of booze at a new bar down there, the San Jose Bar & Grill. It was pretty tight, and anywhere you can get $4 Belvy gimlets in a rocks glass is ok by me. It went pretty late, after which we went to scott’s new place for a couple of post-drinking cocktails. Scott’s house certainly deserves the title of “Best Patio Ever”. Its the greatest place I’ve ever sat and drank Bud Light. Got home at about 4am and hit the hay.

Saturday was supposed to be a big day for us. Get up, go to Carmel and walk around, come home and do some shopping for clothes and shoes. Then, Sorority Life happened. Me and Erin got sucked into the marathon running on Mtv, and the goddamn train wreck didn’t slow to a stop until 6:30 or 7pm. Our whole day was wrenched from us by those goddamn selfish sorority sisters. I almost feel ashamed. Well, the damn thing finally ended and we started to get ready to go shopping, when the Madd Scientist called up to ask what we were doing. He came over and showed off his phat, new ride, and then we hit the road to get back to San Jose for more drinking. Sheesh. Erin stayed home and me, Madd, and scott hit the San Jose Bar & Grill again. After the dust cleared, there were unverified rumors that Madd threw up. Got to sleep at about 4am again.

While waiting for Madd to show up on Saturday, I again got my ass kicked by the Detroit Lions in NFL2K3. That damn game is going to give me a coronary.

This morning I got up at 9am to go get Cal from the BART station so we could play tennis. My victory last week did not turn into a streak, however, due to my suckingtudeness being off the charts. Lost 6-3,4-6,6-3 to Cal. I took a set from him, though. After that we went shopping at themall, and I picked up some new kicks for basketball, some clothes, and a couple of DVDs. First DVD: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. Yes, you read that correctly. I own it. Second DVD: Hulk STILL Rules, a compilation of a bunch of Hulk Hogan matches going all the way back to his debut at Madison Square Gardens in like 1980.

Finally, Anna Nicole is on tonight, and its comin straight outta Las Vegas. Should be fun, and/or insane. Looking forward to it.