September 11th, 1978

All morning I’ve been reading websites, listening to the radio, and thinking about the last year. The strangest part, to me, is that I’m more affected by reading retrospectives or retellings of what happened that day than I was when it actually happened. For posterity, I was woken from my sleep in my bedroom at 1611 La Rossa Circle, San Jose, CA 95125 at approximately 7:00am by Mike Kristopeit who said (and I paraphrase) “Wake up! The world’s falling apart!”

Me: “What are you talking about?
Him: “I dunno.. Planes are falling out of the sky”
Me: “What?”

Him: “I’m gettin out my gun.”

I kinda didn’t want to go to work; I ended up going in late, only to listen to much discussion about how “whoever did this is gonna be turned into glass.” My stomach kinda turned all day. One thing I definitely remember is, while driving to work at about 9:30 or 10am, listening to the radio reports and feeling an incredible sense of panic. I’ve been in crazy situations, but the kind of blind panic I felt in the car that day is so much different than anything before.

I tend to see three reactions to today. Some people seem to take the stance of “We must continue to support the government and our country in whatever steps need to be taken to find those that did this.” Others say “Bush, Ashcroft, et. al. have failed, all at the cost of our personal freedoms” or “The US brought this situation on itself by [supporting Israel|giving money to the Taliban|buying oil from Saudi Arabia]”. Finally, there is a group that says “People died, argue about politics and jingoism tomorrow.” If I had to take a stance, I would have to support the group who don’t want to hear (today) about Bush’s commitment to revenging Bush Sr.’s Irag debacle, or about the plan to build two (bigger) towers where the World Trade Center once stood, or about the (perceived) failures of our national secuity agencies.

I’m not about to demand things from people in a goddamned blog. There are people who will say and write grand pleas to the population. Things that begin with “We must…”, “This reminds us that…”, or “I am hoping that everyone…”. I look at it this way: let me have my time and I will give you yours.

Thanks, Mom, for the email. And I will take care today.