Walkin on the Sun

Not only a bad song by a ska-pop band, but what it feels like to step outside right now. Let me restate it: goddamnit it is hot. According to my little widget, it’s 85° here in Mountain View. I think it may so hot that the thermometer went all wonky and started displaying how hot it wished it was outside.

Tonight’s plan? San Francisco to go out with Cal and Cheryl. We’re gonna try and party like it’s 1999 and we’re in Madison. I hope I end up at La Bamba’s, for old times sake. Wirkus and Ewaz are coming in on Sunday night (still don’t know when), and then the fun begins. I’m off of work for Monday and Tuesday, and hopefully we can set a new High Life consumption record for the state, the bay area, and the city of San Mateo. I have received the prizes for the Whazz tourney via UPS 2nd Day Air, and they are awaiting owners. RAJ will win this year, make no mistake.

Cal and I have a date on Sunday morning. I’m taking him to the tennis court and he’s not gonna come back un-embarassed. Maybe I’ll take him out for lunch after I beat him, I haven’t decided yet.

For some reason I can’t connect to the UW CS IMAP server. I’m pretty sure I have all the right usernames, password, and rabbit’s feet but the iBook still refuses to connect. Other than that, however, the iBook is still making my Windows machines look like shit in the purest brown sense.

Big ups to Luke, but I still want to see more posts.

2 thoughts on “Walkin on the Sun

  1. You mean you don’t like rusty pirate hooks? Doesn’t everybody?

    Don’t say “ARRGH!” too much, you might turn into Ryan Bybee [ducks from sniper on neighbor’s roof].

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