Me and the missus went to see Barbershop last night. Being a large fan, in general, of Ice Cube’s body of work, I thought I would like it. And in fact, I loved it. Ice Cube made an awesome picture show here, and I will definitely be buying the DVD of this one.

The thing that was so great about it was that it was naturalism in the flesh. Someone once said, “Naturalism is placing ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.” This is the basis for Barbershop.

Ewaz and Wirkus bring their show nationwide tonight, as I will be picking them up at the airport at 11:45pm. If I know them, they’ll want to go right to sleep when they get here. I am also scheduled to play Cal in tennis today if he ever calls me. I have the power and the will to win, and today I will go up to 3-1 in the series.

[Update at 8:50pm]

I am the best tennis player on earth. Beat Cal 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 today. I really couldn’t believe that I pulled it off, since I was down 0-5 in the second set. At one point, I hit a forehand and it felt like my elbow came apart. That hurt.

Oh, and as an addendum to yesterday’s post, I found out that on Friday night Cal and the rest of his crew were up until 8am. 8 fucking am. I couldn’t do that on my very best day.