Quick update today. Using the amazing technology of Wirkus’ new digital camera, we will be posting many new pictures to the site over the next week. Since the camera can also do mini-movies, we plan on taping some portions of the Whazz Tournament and posting them to the site. I believe they are in Quicktime, so run and get it.

I changed the interface to the List of All Pictures so that its easier to navigate. The old way was lame, even I hated it.

We watched the beginning of the first tape of Greed last night. If you don’t know, Greed is (was) a silent movie version of McTeague made by Erich von Stroheim in the early 1920’s. The original cut was 9 1/2 hours long. It was then chopped down to 2 hours by the studio, and the remaining footage was all lost or destroyed (I believe there was a fire involved). The tape I have is a 4 hour version that has the 2 hour parts mixed in with recovered stills. Holy jesus, Owgooste is a little retard, Marcus looks absoluetly nothing like I pictured him, and McTeague is Andy Richter. Overall, it is a must-see for anyone who has ever read McTeague, but you better be on some mind-altering substance before you go for it.

One thought on “McTeague

  1. I would just like to announce that yesterday I got 2 holes in one in one round. Yea that’s right dammit. Don’t be surprised if next time you play ‘One of the Best’ on ’03.. oh yes.. it might just be me. KiwiSprings4Life.

    You’re lucky I’m not there.

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