Digital Killed the APS Camera Star

Since yesterday I’ve uploaded a ton of pictures to the gallery. Some of them are (unfortunately) massive in size due to the fact that no one reads instruction booklets that come with digital cameras. I will be purchasing a digital camera at some point, it is the best thing I’ve ever seen in the “taking-pictures-of-your-friends-drunk” arena of gadgets.

Last night was Ewaz’s birthday. Happy Birthday Ewaz! We all went to San Francisco, ate pizza at Cheryl’s, got our thumbs smashed in fence gates, played several rousing games of Pit (most of which Ewaz won), ate cake (two kinds!), and then went to a bar called Kilowat(t?). At Kilowat(t?) the OutRun championships occured, with yours truly getting the furthest in the limited time they gave you to drive from point A to point B, including all stops in between. Unfortunately, Erin and I had to return to dumb ol’ San Mateo earlier in the evening than we would have liked (due to that stupid work crap), but I am looking forward to tomorrow for the party.

…and of course Saturday at noon when I obliterate everyone to become the 2002 Whazz Champion.

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