I’m gonna thug like pac on my enemies

Not a whole lot to talk about yet today, and its already 5pm. I was OOO this morning from work, got in around 11am, went to lunch, got back and busted some scripts for our big Wave 1 due date [10/31/2002]. Later on this afternoon we had a celebration for hitting Beta 1. It was at some water place that had kayaks, paddle boats, and such. I just played some football catch. On the upside, they did have Jamba Juice there.

In a couple of minutes I’m going to put on a sweater and go to San Francisco for dinner. I guess we’re eating in Little Italy tonight, should be good. Later on the hordes will return to my place for beer and vodka. Happy birthday, Ewaz. Happy birthday, me. Happy birthday, Greg.

So I’m playing Pokerroom while waiting for Madd Scientist, and I’ve gotten A-low offsuite like the last 3 hands in a row. It pisses one off when you see your first card… an ace… YES! And then your second card comes… 3… awesome!