The Whole Shebang

Just a quick update, so you don’t think I grabbed the trophy and ran. For the last two days I’ve been constructing a little retrospective on the 2002 Whazz Championship. It should be done soon, and I’ll put a link on the main page. It’s hastily constructed, but gets the feel of the tourney right, I think.

In completely unrelated news, RAW is WAR sucks hard these days. Rosie & Jamal suck so much, I hate HHHH, and why does every episode feature Jeff Hardy getting the shit kciked out of him by the Big Show?

My parents are coming out here (Bay Area and Napa) today for their 25th anniversary. Here’s to them. They’ll be out here for about a week and a half. I gotta make sure I clean the house before they come and see it.

Finally, just read a pretty laughable story in the Journal-Sentinel about the Brewers. Take a look for some good humor.

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