$20 of BuenoBueno Burritoria Gift Certificates

Its my birthday, and as Ryan Casperson so drunkenly put it, I can cry if I want to. However, on this particular birthday I choose to have a bit more fun. So far today I have received the following: matching 24 Hour Fitness shirt and shorts for basketball, and $20 in BuenoBueno Gift Certificates. Certainly a delight to any fan of burritos.

Me, Judd, and Scott are trying to get a team together for the Santa Clara Park & Rec Basketball League, but it is hard to find good b-ball players on 2 days notice.

I am reading Bear v. Shark (almost done, Wirkus), and I now put the question to anyone visiting this site. All things being equal, i.e. an environment with water deep enough for a shark to manuever well but shallow enough for a bear to stand and move naturally, who would in win in a fight between a shark and a bear?