The End of an Era

A really crappy one. The Brewers finally pulled the plug on the whole Selig-Prielb, Taylor, Royster crap-fest this week. Seriously, anyone named Ullice has to be somewhat awesome, right? Perhaps its the ol’ Brewers fan-delirium kicking in again, but maybe he can turn it around… or not.

I’m thinking, what with no farm system, no marqee players, and the fact that their best player almost set a league record for Ks, the Brewers are going to craptacular again next year.

Work is going rather drudgery right now. I have to believe that that was not the correct use of the above word, but its late at night and I’m sure as hell not turnin back for no corrections tonight.

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday. I’m going out in San Jose, I think, unless the Mrs. has something entirely evil planned. Shouts to Casperson, who celebrated last night in spectacular style, Kyle for Saturday, and I believe Todd on Tuesday. How old is Todd Maurer these days? Gettin to be Springer’s age? You know I’m playin Maurer.

More to come as my birthday unfolds.