what: hungover

where: my bedroom
when: this morning
who: me
why: massive amounts of vodka
how: my birthday

Living with my sweetie-pie up in the mountains of San Mateo, I haven’t lately had any run-ins with alcohol. All that changed last night. As Erin can attest to, I was pretty drunk for the first time in awhile. I made her stop at a Safeway on Lawrence Expressway so I could go pee and buy some Sour Patch Kids and bottled water. I thought the soured treats smelled like whiskey and almost threw up in the car. She made me listen to Hall & Oat(e?)s. Then we got home and I don’t exactly remember my head hitting the pillow, though it must have at some point because I awoke in my bead to the Worst Taste in My Mouth, EverÔ.

My coworkers took me out for lunch today to Chili’s. I ate chips, salsa, and chili queso for a long time, and when I got back to work I wanted to take a nap under my desk.

This evening Erin and I will be traveling up to Napa to rendevous with my parents. I look forward to getting some sleep this weekend.