Napa Valley RAWKS!

Wow, you’re gone a couple of days and all of a sudden you have a lot to talk about. Long story short, me and Erin spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday up north in Napa with my parents as a nice weekend vacation. We generally just spent massive amounts of money on food, and then went ahead and bought a gold service for 8.

Any faithful readers of this site may have noticed that it was down all weekend and very intermittent in the days before. That was because my home networking setup was screwed to holy hell. I tore my hair out for days, alternatively believing that my dsl modem or my linksys router was wonky, only to find out that it was a bad enet cable between the modem and the router. ergg.

So… Packers/Bears, huh? Whaddya think? I’m going with the Packers, fulling expecting some heroics by Favre being needed to save the game in the end. I just don’t have the faith I should, I guess. Wisconsin proved their ineptness this weekend, losing to 21 ranked Penn State 34-31. This delightful piece of news was delivered over the aether to my cell phone via Sprint’s Wireless WebÔ service. I finally found a use for it: to deliver bad sports news instantaniously to me anywhere in the western United States.

I hope to god we don’t go to war with Iraq.

I finished Bear v. Shark. Its funny, because I wouldn’t say the book as a whole is very good. However, I enjoyed some of the very disjointed chapters immensely. My best guess, literarily, is that it’s supposed to be that way, but I’m just a com sci major. My favorite part? Which weather station is better: the Weather Channel, the Weather Channel Plus, or Extreme Weather? Extreme Weather, because it shows you weather from the weather’s perspective. Another favorite part (selected entirely at random) is the index.

My parents are still in town for awhile. We’re hoping to go out with them in San Francisco this week. Casperson, I heard about your night. I tried calling you back but you didn’t answer. Henkel, sorry I didn’t get back to you but by the time I got my dsl working again it was after midnight, my time.