Movin On Up, To The West Side

Some good news today. Intuit stock hit $52 and I sold my stock options. Yee-haw. You know what that means: debt relief. Also, I get two new tennis rackets out of the deal. Standard boilerplate that the lawyers worked out, I dunno.

So, I’m excited. I’m excited for many reasons. A credit card gets paid off, a TV gets paid off, and a good chunk of the wedding gets paid off. I’m happy. Now I just gotta do something about that car loan and student loan and I’ll be all set to start saving for a house.

Oh, I forgot to mention this morning that my total DMV vehicle registration renewal fee (with late fee) came to *drum roll* $270. I tells ya, america, California is expensive. I began reading Emporium last night, and it was everything I could have hoped for. Great first story, “Teen Sniper”. I got to hear the Eminem track off of the new Xhibit(sp?) album today, and its pretty tight, though I don’t know if I’d buy the whole album because of it. New web server configuration seems to be holding up well. That’s good. I’m maybe gonna go play poker at the Madd Scientist’s house tomorrow.

Not much else to rock on about. Catch you all on the flip side.