A Series That Includes The Whole World

Wow… I mean… wow. Apparently baseball is interesting again? One of three things has got to have happened at this point, (a.) ball parks are far smaller than they used to be, (b.) Big League Chew is putting roids in their shit, or (c.) Major League Baseball has been lying about the enjoyment potential of the game for the past 24 years. I saw the very end of Game 1 and almost all of Game 2 and all I can say is: home run. Yeah. Go Brewers.

Also, thanks to Madd Scientist, I now know about a new, Seanbaby-ish website that displays why the Interweb is so interesting. Some guy named Maddox has authored the Best Page in the Universe. Description seems to fit quite right to me. So much so that I added it to the list of global site Links at left. W00!

While reading, I was also reminded of something I hate a lot. The other night I happened to see that goddamned FM Nation show on MTV. If there’s ever a show that makes me want to punch a teenager in the damn eye, its that show. It also has relatives in the order Peopleiwanttopunchintheeye, phylum Youngerthan50: namely that goddamned Dismissed show on MTV. I gotta catalogue what I hate about those goddamn shows, but there ain’t enough time right now so you’re just gonna have to wait.

Happy Whazzing!