Lizzie Grubman = Bitch

So there was this bitch, right? She’s a publicist to the stars, and some bouncer at a Southhampton club, for Christ’s sake tells her to move her damn Benz SUV from a fire lane right in front of the building. What does she do? She drives her damn SUV over 16 people standing in line after yelling obscenities at the bouncer. She then drives away. On alternate days, her lawyers claim that she didn’t realize what she was doing, the car was too powerful for her to handle, and she was distraught because she found out her mother was diagnosed with cancer that morning. After all the people hurt and being charged with third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, a felony this… woman gets 60 days in jail. The maximum possible sentence was 8 years in prison, but what a damn surprise, she gets 60 days in jail which she started serving today. The thing that kills me is that

“in court, defense attorney Stephen Scaring of Garden City argued that because Grubman “is truly sorry and is truly remorseful,” (State Supreme Court Justice) Mullen should consider reducing the jail sentence to 30 days.”

Are you kidding me? This kind of upper class bullshit is just what makes my head explode. This pretty little bitch thought she could run over people and then get off when she says “sorry”? I hope some butch in there makes Lizzie her bitch.

*pant,pant* OK, now that that outrage is over, I can talk about the basketball league. See, I like to play basketball, but its starting to get rainier outside these days, so me and Judd were going to join a league. Last year, we played in the Baptist League, with no swearing, no taunting, and assholes who would full court press you when they were up by 50 with 1 minute left in the game. After all that shit, I may actually be playing again. I want to play basketball, and apparently this is the only way I can. But I haven’t decided yet, so maybe not.

Happy Whazzing!