I Hate the Angels

It’s not so much that I hate them as individuals, it’s just that I hate Thunder Sticks, the Rally Monkey and the fans, oh the fans. I mean, there are very few ballparks where fans will be there no matter what. Yankee Stadium always packs them in. Umm, don’t know of too many others. I mean, fans in general are fickle, but I just hate the types of fans that show up in the post-season. You get all of these schmucks who don’t know a strike from a balk, and certainly don’t know half of the players on their own team’s names. I mean, if the Brewers went to the Series, you’d have a bunch of richies from Whitefish Bay waving around “Miller Sticks” or something. Meanwhile the poor guys who supported the team all season can’t even go because the tickets are $200 apiece and 90% of them go to the sponsors.

Meanwhile, I am certainly beholden to Cal dutifully report today’s tennis scores. Cal wins our 6th matchup: 2-6,6-4,6-3. I’d like to think he won because my hand started dripping blood late in the second set, but I demanded that we play on so I can’t complain. The new brand of balls we switched to were awesome compared to the shit Wilson ones. Buy Dunlop Hard Court or nothing at all.

I’m very excited that the Packers are 6-1. So excited, in fact, that the missus and I are thinking of getting a DirecTV system so we can actually, you know, watch the games. I found out that the NFL package is $179 for the whole year, and that it yields a boondoggle of games: 14 per week. Erin advocates the DirecTV purchase because of the College Basketball plan, which I take to be quite a bargain for $89 for the whole season (30 games per week!) So, if we get permission from the landlord we may do it, if it can fit in between wedding payments that is!

I’ve worked on the site quite a bit this weekend, considering my usual time spent. If you look to your left, you will see the Blog Archives selection in the nav bar. You can access all of my blog posts by year or year/month. Check it out. I also improved the Picture Search utility so that you don’t get a million results all on one page. You can now navigate from page to page on the Picture List and on the results page of the Picture search. Check that out too.

Erin made an absolutely sweet pumpkin that has a Wisconsin W carved into it. I took a picture, but I don’t have a digital camera so it may be awhile before I get it back. I need a digital camera.

Mid-November hopes to see Erin, Judd, and I go to a Golden State Warriors game. I’ve never been to NBA game, so that should be absolutely great. I was never really behind the Bucks, and in general they piss me off (like the Giants) due to the fact that they have so much talent but cannot get along. The Warriors seem like a young team that has promise, and while I still love the Packers and like the Brewers (for now), the Bucks may not see me as a fan for much longer.

Happy Whazzing!

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