A Racine News Update

Haven’t been back to the Journal-Sentinel Racine News page lately, so I stopped in for a peek. The first two entries were good enough to warrant a book by themselves, but I’ll reproduce them here in full:


A trailer carrying 46,000 pounds of chocolate in a corn syrup base was accidentally disconnected from a tractor Oct. 23 in the 200 block of Jefferson St. at Dodge St., causing a possible leak of chocolate and coolants.


A resident came to the police department Oct. 18 to report that a clerk refused to accept $13 in change to pay for gasoline at J&L Mobile, 500 E. State St. After an interview, the clerk accepted the money.

I’ll give you a few seconds to stop laughing…. done? No? Okay, take however long you need…. alright, on with the show. Now, I’m not entirely sure that these criminal hijinks match up with those previously detailed herein, but nonetheless an overturned chocolate-mobile and a non-bag-of-change-accepting gas station clerk (who accepted the money after an interview) make for good entertainment in my book.

Happy Whazzing!