Trying Someting New

Well, I added the CSS Display property to the site to manage the large blog entries. You should be able to expand and collapse the stories by using the buttons next to the story titles. As with most of the rest of this site, you should be good with Netscape 5+ and IE5.5+. If you are using older than that, may God have mercy on your eternal soul. I may have found a bug with Netscape 6 and 7, however. When you expand the block, and then collapse it, the text disappears but the real estate on the screen remains, just taking up space. Worse yet, when you re-expand the story it pushes the blank space down the page. It works fine in IE browsers, just seems to have this problem in Netscape. I’ll have to look into it more. Until then, comment below if you see the same thing.

All in all, how about you drop a comment below about the general state of the site. It’ll only take a second, and I like the feedback.

In other, non-website related news, I’m pleased to announce that Paul Larsen is now engaged to be married. I don’t believe there’s a date yet, but the bride and groom parents both live in Racine, so naturally the wedding will be in: I have no idea. Congrats go out to you and the missus, Paul.

And with that, I’m going to sleep.

Happy Whazzing!

One thought on “Trying Someting New

  1. Zach,
    I think I found a bug: when I expanded the XJ-900 my dick fell off. How’s that fer a blog? My girlfriend picked it up and started thaping me in the noggin with it; now we’re engaged– engaged in combat!
    Pat Lawless

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