Thank You, Fox

Some things offend me. They shouldn’t, but they do. And I’m not talking offended like I want to write Miss Manners a letter, ask that dead bitch Ann Landers what to do, and then boycott the things’ advertisers. No, I just want to punch the offending thing in the face twelve or thirteen times. I really shouldn’t let these things get under my skin, but on some level they end up there anyways, and that’s when I want to start punching.

One of those things was the new David E. Kelly shitfest known as girl’s club. This asshole, who brought the world shit like Ally McBeal and other shit I don’t watch, had the shitting gall to shit out another shit show about 3 retarded women living in San Francisco, blathering about their love lives, and fighting sexism in the work place. Jesus H. Christ on a gamma ray. People wonder why I only watch wrestling, South Park, and the Anna Nicole Smith Show? It’s because if I turn on Fox, at any moment I may have to endure some dumb bitch whining about she doesn’t get any respect and then banging the first thing with either a downed singing career or in rehab that crosses her path.

So, today Fox canceled that damn show. Now, I pretty much hate TV, except for times when it shows me nudity, comedy, explosions, or any combination of the three, but any time the potential for me to view absolute shit is lessened even slightly by a shitty show being canceled, I’m all for it.

Happy Whazzing!