We Don’t Get No Kids Where I Live

At least, none that I’m aware of. As such, I believe I will be enjoying the majority of our Halloween candy bowl this evening. After I go work out of course. At work today many people dressed up, most because they had the opportunity to win a 5 disc DVD player, digital camera, or something else in the costume contest. I typically choose not to debase myself for fabulous prizes, unless said prizes consist of sex, monetary amounts greater than $500, or the keys to a GMC Yukon.

I’ve been able to listen mroe to the 8 Mile Soundtrack and it’s really starting to grow on me. By far the best songs are the first and last ones by Eminem, but NaS’ single isn’t so bad, and Rakim puts an OK effort into his song. Jay-Z song is pretty good. Surprisingly, the one with the woman singing is absolutely great, which was unexpected coming on a rap record.

Not much else right except to say Happy Birthday, Mom, and hope your day is awesome.