Your Friendly Neighborhood Garbageman

I picked up the Spider-Man DVD at lunch today. It looks pretty cool as a 2 disc set with a bunch of extras. Can’t wait to watch it tonight after work. The inimitable Scott Fournier has suggested another Friday night of drinking, dominoes, and burritos, but we may have to pass due to the unfortunate hair-pulling incident 7 days ago.

While walking around Best Buy at lunch, I almost bought several things in this order: Super Mario Sunshine for Gamecube, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 for Gamecube, Unreal Tournament 2003 for PC, a Canon Powershot digital camera, The Notorious B.I.G.’s Life After Death CD, the Cabin Boy DVD, a 400 disc CD player, a Game Boy Advance, and Grand Theft Auto III for PC. Each one I picked up, inspected, considered., and then put down in turn. It’s nice to know that I’ve become a discriminating consumer in my old age. Or maybe it’s because my purchase of MLB2K for Dreamcast was one of the worst purchases of my entire life. Speaking of Dreamcast, I realized today that I haven’t hooked it up since I got the big screen TV. I need to get that shit hooked up and play some Soul Caliber. Hoo. Maybe some Marvel vs. Capcom while I’m at it.

Things have been going extremely well on lately. I’m up the most I’ve ever been up, and I finally am not playing as stupid as I ised to. By no means am I going to quit my job and play poker, but it’s a nice diversion.

–whazz on