South Park Had Better Be Good Tonight

The day was pretty dumb, so I’m hoping the night is a bit better. The South Park new season better be good.

Tomorrow starts another 6 months of not swearing for 1 hour followed by swearing for 2 hours. Yes, it’s time for the Baptist Basketball League. This season we’re actually attempting to put together a winning team. I don’t think it’s gonna happen. We start on Thursday and the team was put together on Tuesday. You don’t build championships this way, people.

Can’t wait for 8 Mile on Friday. The more commercials I see, the more hyped I get. Please don’t disappoint me, 8 Mile. I bought your soundtrack and everything.

I was ordered to get my ass on and read the rest of Emporium, and the orderers have a good point. So, I’m going to chill on the Pokerroom for awhile and get my read on.

On the video game front, Erin’s been going buckwild on Sonic on the Dreamcast lately. I think she beat it the other night. I hate the entire idea of Metroid Prime for Gamecube, but I’m probably still gonna buy it when it comes out. Quake x Metroid = possible goodness. But, and I ask this with utter seriousness, WHERE THE HELL IS MARIO KART FOR GAMECUBE? C’mon Nintendo, don’t make me come over there. I bought this damn console for one game and that’s Mario Kart. NOW GIVE IT TO ME!!

My digital camera should come tomorrow, and that’s gonna be the shit for Thanksgiving. The countdown is on. Turkey, beer, and football. Holy Jesus on a gamma ray this is gonna be good.

Finally, I’m looking forward to this Sunday. Cal, our series is tied at 3-3, and this time you’re going down. Don’t even try it. You’re losing. Deal with it.

–whazz on