Baptist Basketball, Round 1

Alright dirty, here’s the 411. We have NO point guard, and when I say no, I mean no. We have a decent inside game this year, and ok shooting on the perimeter (if those folks can get open), but NO BALL HANDLER. That’s a problem, especially if your opponents like to press in the middle. We probably had about 20 to 25 turnovers on steals. Yes, it’s that bad. I didn’t start, but came off the bench for 2 points and some pretty good looks that I just chunked. Hopefully we’ll put in some practice time one Saturday so we can get used to playing with each other.

So Erin and I get home at about 8pm and start cooking dinner. The thing we were making takes about an hour of simmering to cook. 1 minute into the simmer, the power went out due to the freakish wind storm we were having yesterday (and is still going on this morning). The power stayed out for about 2 hours, so we just lit candles and drank beer. During this time I had the bright idea that we could light the grill (a little Smokey Joe) and just put the pan on that to cook the stuff. Erin concurred, and we made that happen. It cooked for a little bit, and it looked like this:

We took it off before the hour was up, which I think was a mistake. The meat didn’t have time to absorb the flavor, and we couldn’t serve it over rice, we just ate it on hamburger buns. All in all, it was a disaster.

You know what comes out today? 8 Mile. Get your tickets here. I think Erin and I are going straight from work.

–whazz on