Liquor and Entertainment

You know what? Some things are better left unsaid. Or, a picture is worth a thousand words. In the interest of brevity, my Saturday night can be summed up in two pictures:

Yes, that is me staring off into space drunkenly, and sadly, yes that is me doing a tripod at 3:37am. Even more amazing is the fact that, according to the timestamps on my camera, the second picture was taken 24 seconds after the first one.

Overall it has been an entertainment-filled weekend. Saw 8 Mile on Friday night. It was good, but I went in with insanely high expectations that it didn’t meet. I really thought that the Rabbit Run track from the soundtrack would be at the climax, but all they did was use part of it as a build up. I also thought it would go way more into the underground rap scene than it did. Lots more about Jimmy Smith’s personal life than expected. The climax was great, and worth the price of admission alone. I think I’ll end up buying the DVD specifically for the end. Overall a thumbs up, but not the Oscar winner I was hoping for.

Then on Saturday went to see The Santa Clause 2 with Erin. See, me and Erin have this deal where we switch off picking movies that we want to go see. I pick one, then she picks one. I picked 8 Mile, and she turned right around and made her pick on Saturday. Hoo boy… The Santa Clause… umm… yeah. Boy, my day was just made when I got to see a reindeer farting and Tim Allen in a rubber suit bouncing around the North Pole. I can only hope that my children will not enjoy this swill.

And another thing: why do people always laugh at that goddamned Fandango commercial in front of every movie. I mean, what kind of chromasomal damage must one person have to find hilarity in a fat guy waving around beads saying “You will let me into the picture.” I’d like to propose a law that says anyone who laughs at that shit gets kicked out of the theater, cause that’s the kind of subnormal that claps at the end of a movie as if the director will stand and accept your accolades right there in the theater. I also think all children under 18 should be banned from movie theaters period. They piss me off with their talking and moving and talking and rustling and talking and getting their faces punched by me and crying. Go flirt at the mall in front of the Mrs. Fields Cookie Shoppe, and stay the fuck away from me.

I spilled wine all over Erin’s friend’s copy of a book that she borrowed, so I had to go to Barnes and Noble to get a new one. They had the new Onion book, Ad Nauseum for like $15 so I bought it too. Kind of a crock, a ton of the stories are repeats from Dispatches From The Tenth Circle.

Bought a bunch of DVDs at Best Buy yesterday, and also got Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 for Gamecube. So far I haven’t been able to do much in Tony Hawk. Its damn hard to control that little shit, and he seems to enjoy falling on his head/breaking his leg in three places. It’s not my fault you can’t land, Tony. Erin bought some Christmas movie DVDs, so I guess it’s Christmastime according to the old barometer.

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