Minnesota Burning

I don’t often, or ever, talk about politics here due to my pessimistic nature. My cynical self believes that, in essence, the founding fathers’ experiment in freedom is over and the rights to it have been optioned for a major motion picture due out Sep 2005. This year’s election proves this. And you do not need to beat me down for not voting, because I’m beating myself down for not getting my voter registration switched in time to my new address.

Anyways, as I was reading Salon earlier this week I came across two articles by Garrison Keillor about the loss of Minnesota and Paul Wellstone. For the most part, as much as I hate the Republican machine, I have to see the bias here. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a sad story anyways.

Unfortunately, the Salon articles in question are in the Premium content section, so there’s no use linking to them there. Cal, however, posted them in full to this site in the comments page so I will link to that page instead. Very interesting stuff, but please keep in mind the source. And for all you who think that by that statement that I’m real chummy with the Republican ideology/method, eat my ass. I sure as shit hate Republicans, don’t like Democrats, and don’t trust politicians in general.

And do you want to know why I hate Republicans and Democrats as much as I do? Pundits. Those goddamned Bill O’Reillys that sit around yelling at the camera about whatever they’ve got stuck firmly up their ass that day. Video game violence? Osama bin Laden? Bill Clinton getting BJ’s? Pro athlete salaries? They don’t have any real knowledge about whatever they’re yelling about, just enough to make the person being interviewed cringe when coupled with their abrasive and abusive interviewing style. Oh, and if you disagree with them, apparently you’re a terrorist. Not all pundits are yelling at a camera though, some write books and some are on the radio.

Look, I’m not here to tell you who to vote for, what to believe, or what brand of ketchup to buy. I just wish people would stop tuning in to the goddamn brainwashing that has afflicted this nation. “Hmm, well, if Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like it, I HATE IT!” does not an informed populace make.

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