Obie Trice, real sick, no gimmicks

I was sick this weekend. Sore throat and headache. I’ll tell you, since moving to Cali, I haven’t gotten sick often. Used to be, every spring and every fall I got laid up for about a week with a debilitating sickness. This weekend wasn’t so bad, but it screwed up my plans for Saturday. I ended up sleeping most of the day.

I am humbled to say that Cal whooped me today to take the series. I can’t say that my attitude about it was that good at the time of the loss, but I’ve accepted it now. I busted out of the gate 6-1 in the first set, and then lost the second and third sets 6-2 and 6-1 respectively. I broke my water bottle cause I was mad. I hate the fact that no matter what I do I can never finish off. I’m always second best at my peak. It really bothers me.

Spent a lot of my sick weekend playing Tony Hawk 4. I got really, really good over the last three days. In fact, today I busted my first 100,000+ point combo. To put it in perspective, when I first plugged the game in the best combo I could pull was 5,000 points. Big ups to Anthony for showing me how to manual in and out of tricks, and big ups to the game for teaching me how to revert and then manual into and out of tricks.

Wirkus, I finished Emporium now. I’d like to talk to you about some things, so get ahold of me. I say this because as soon as I had that book done, Cal had the Booker Prize-winning book of 2002 for me to read. It’s called Life of Pi, and it’s about a boy set adrift on the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger. I believe the book was also sent to Wirkus, so I’m treating it like a race. A McTeague-ish race.

Our bed broke this weekend. At about 1:30am on Saturday Erin and I awoke to our bed crashing through the slats holding it off the ground. Couldn’t figure out why it happened, but its not like I weigh 500 pounds or anything. Erin fixed it… hopefully.

Finally, I’m getting real excited about Thanksgiving. We now have confirmed reservations for 5, including myself, with a possible total of 7. I’m totally looking forward to Lions football, turkey, and beer. I think I said this whole paragraph last weekend, but I can’t emphasize enough how much fun it’s gonna be.

Last thing, I made an Wish List, so if you’re dying to know what I want for Christmas… there you go, I guess.

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  1. ah yes, sweet victory. too bad i had to beat a sick kid but by any means necessary… regarding the water bottle smashing… it was pretty spectacular… deep into the third set i was hitting some happy birthday shots and as we were changing sides the moneypenny raquet slashed through the air- snakelike- and next thing there’s this explosion of water and plastic… it was hard plastic and let me tell you- it was BLOWN APART by moneypenny’s mighty swoop. quite an effect.

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