Workin 9 to 8:30, What A Way To Make A Living

I’ve never worked in a job where I had to stay more than 8 hours a day. I mean, that one time Paul stayed at the HoJo for that 27 hour shift, but that was more his choice than anything. I’ve always worked jobs where it’s 8 hours, punch the clock and go home. Now however I’m regularly bustin out of work at 8pm, which leaves me screwed for the night as I get home and it’s 8:30, and I just go right to sleep.

Case in point, I bought Metroid Prime yesterday, but the package hasn’t even been opened yet. I also got the new Sonic Mega Collection, which is all 7 sonic titles from the Genesis on one Gamecube disc. I played a little bit of Sonic 2, which brought back the memories, but didn’t do much else.

I busted a bunch of my Christmas shopping on Monday morning. is getting to be a very mature shopping center, as they now have apparel and other stuff too (besides the ususal books, dvds, and video games). I was able to get 1/3 of my holiday shoping done in about an hour.

Not much else to report at this point. The Thanksgiving countdown is rolling ever closer to the zero hour, and we now know of three dishes: turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole.

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9 thoughts on “Workin 9 to 8:30, What A Way To Make A Living

  1. Soon I will have to start posting more comments…nice to see my 27 hour shift is still remembered…later

  2. What the hell?! I would like to say in my defense that A) I am not a hater like you, and B) my applause at the end of the movie Enough was fully warranted by J.Lo’s dramatic performance. It’s not every day that the average victim of domestic violence seeks revenge on her attacker by not only becoming schooled in basic self defense, but recreating herself into a NINJA ASSASIN. And her shoes were cute, too.
    My real question: is anyone making plans to hang out in Racine over Thanksgiving weekend (I would prefer to go out Friday; this is a demand masquerading as a request)?

  3. So you’ve been slacking a little bit on the Racine news so I thought I’d help you out. These are from 11-17-01.

    Elizabeth Mae Owens, 20, 359 S. Perkins Blvd., Burlington, with possession of prescription drugs with intent to deliver, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Racine County drug agents says she had a tank of nitrous oxide, six marijuana pipes and marijuana in her apartment.
    Tina M. Plump, 31, 1304 Park Ave., Racine, with possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, all as a repeat drug offender. Racine police say they found crack cocaine, marijuana and a Crown Royal bottle used as a crack pipe in her coat pockets.

    My first question: Tank of Nitrous Oxide???
    My second question: Why???
    My third question: Why use a perfectly good bottle of Crown Royal as a crack pipe???
    My fourth question: Didn’t you get fucked up enough off of the damn full bottle of Crown.
    Now being the type of person who doesn’t mind getting blazed out of my mind, I still do not understand why you would need this shit to get all shitty. What ever heppened to the good old days where you drank 40s and played dominos on the porch and smoked the occasional blunt???

  4. (1) Everyone stop picking on Jenny for liking Enough. As she has said before (about the housekeeper on Will & Grace), she is glad to see actresses of Hispanic descent on screen, as she feels they are underrepresented in film and on TV. In addition, she is under the impression that she herself is of Hispanic descent since her travels to Mexico.

    (2) Bar crawl in Racine on the 26th is a good idea, but are you kidding me with this Brat Stop nonsense?

    (3) Casperson, don’t let people order you to be places. But if you are coming of your own free will, can we expect the pleasure of Luke & Dan’s company? I’d like to see how being in love with an opera singer has changed Luke.

    (4) Zach, stop trying to ruin Wirkus’s Christmas.

    (5) “Dissing P. Diddy” is not a social tragedy – anyone with free will who WANTS to be called “Diddy” anything should be shot.

  5. Who next? Me, even though I wasn’t on the Wirkus short list and I don’t feel comfortable assuming other people’s identities like Cal. Is someone providing a bag of gravy for your Thanksgiving? I don’t think its proper to cook a turkey without one. Without scubby, though, it might not be worth it.

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