Early Thanksgiving

I’ve seen Madd Scientist pretty drunk in my time, and I’ve seen other people pretty drunk in my time, but I have never seen anyone as drunk as the Madd Scientist was on Friday night. I’ve got pictures. I zipped them all up into one file, so you can get the archive of the night by clicking here. You’ll need Winzip or something like that to open it. To whet your appetite, however, I will give you a taste of what you’ll find in the download:

Madd Scientist on the floor/couch.

On Saturday, after sleeping off my hangover, Erin and I went to Carmel for an early Thanksgiving dinner with her co-workers. Pretty great, I’m always up for a free turkey dinner. For anyone who came here looking for those photos, you can download that archive here.

I’m well into Life of Pi. I’m still enjoying it, much to Wirkus’ chagrin. Maybe I haven’t got to the part you were talking about yet, Mike.

Metroid Prime is the best Gamecube game I’ve ever played, and anyone who thinks it doesn’t have the “feel” of a Metroid game, you are wrong.

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2 thoughts on “Early Thanksgiving

  1. download worked fine for me, and i’m mentally impaired after that night.

    anyone who needs a rundown of memories for friday november 22nd 2002…

    1. its friday i’m going to drink this bottle of gin
    2. uh oh, out of gin
    3. what up scott… oh, madd should come over… i’m there
    4. thanks for the beer
    5. thanks for the beer
    6. thanks for the bearerar
    8. beeeer tahnks for
    10. why am i drinking pig feet?
    11. absinthe? OK!
    59…. hey, we’re in a line!
    91. is that my puke? must be… damn thats a big gate.
    92. uh oh, another big gate, damn it.
    187. i’m naked, and there is a trail of clothes to the front door. i have all my money and belongings. what the fuck?

    so kiddies, buy some absinthe of your own and drinking for memory away!

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