Whazzgiving 2002

Whattup g? A certain holiday has finally run its course. I am about 20 pounds heavier (not really) and a whole lot wiser (really) after cooking my own Thanksgiving turkey. Before I go any further, let me say this:

Cal ended up passed out drunk

Now that everyone knows the conclusion, I can get on with the story. My day started like any other, except instead of going to work I was prying the neckbone out of a decapitated turkey. I then attempted to hunt down where the mad butcher had hidden the “gibblets”. Well, the damn things should have been filled with cocaine seeing as they were hidden so goddamn well in that bird. Didn’t know what else to do so I just pooped the the thing on a pan and shoved the whole mess in the oven. In the end, it turned out extremely well:

While the turkey cooked we played whazz and watched foosball on TV. We kind of miscalculated the support dishes’ cooking times and the turkey ended up sitting for about a half hour while we made the other itmes. I got some nice before, during, and after shots of our Thanksgiving Feast table:

After dinner we cleaned up and rested before attacking the multiple pies that Katie so graciously cooked. They were well worth the wait. After pie we watched a DVD and then played a great game of Pit, followed by the most violent game of Monopoly ever. To give you an idea of how cutthroat it was, here is a picture of Cal eating a playing piece:

I’m going to try and get a special page up showcasing the Thanksgiving, since we got a shit-ton of pictures, but until then you can download the zip file from here.

I have to get off to work, but there’s plenty more to talk about, including my impressions of the new Bond movie, so stay tuned.

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  1. I thought the plan was to make Cal eat turkey while Greg was in the bathroom or looking the other way. Whatever happened to that?

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