The Baptist Yao Ming

Played Baptist basketball last night. Lost at basketball last night. I swear to god the average height of their players was somewhere near 6’6″, while ours is somewhere around 5’10”. They actually had a girl on their team. I don’t care about sexual equality or all that shit, she took a dive when she drove in and got clearly rejected by Scott. There was no fucking foul on that play. We actually outscored those tall mofos in the second half by 10 points, but the first half deficit was too much to overcome, sadly. They definitely weren’t as good as they looked, but when your team only scores 5 points in the first half, it’s hard to win a basketball game.

New server seems to be working fine.

Last night was the first episode of the new season of Insomniac on Comedy Central. Dave was in Myrtle Beach during Bike Week, which was awesome in its naked biker chick quotient. One of the new season’s episodes is in Oakland. I’ve got to see where he drinks there, if only to see how he avoided becoming dead in the process.

Finally, it only just dawned on me today that I’ll be flying back to sconny in under two weeks. Wow, you know time flies when you are achieving your milestones on your goddamn action items. It will be nice to just goddamn relax and not have to worry about stupid shit for two to three weeks. I’m looking forward to the following things: Nick’s Restaurant, La Hacienda, the Picaresque Day II, the Irish Pub, the Klinic, and the Day After Christmas II.

A Racine News Update [4:42pm]

Hadn’t been to the well for a while, so I figured I stroll over and see what was up. Apparently, a lot, though little of it is realistic enough to believe.

Animal complaint

A resident reported Nov. 17 that a cow was walking into Bohner Lake near the 7400 block of Big Pine Lane. The cow was found Nov. 18 in the 7800 block of Fish Hatchery Road.

Disorderly conduct

A 17-year-old Burlington boy was arrested Nov. 17 on allegations of disorderly conduct after he threatened to kill members of his family and urinated into the refrigerator. The boy, who registered a blood-alcohol content of 0.19 on a preliminary breath test, could not remember the incident.

what… the… fuck. Actually I know I guy like that myself. What I demand to know however is how that cow went undetected for 24 hours. They’re not quick, they’re not subtle, they’re not quiet, they’re not small. They are not built for stealth. How did it go undetected?!

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