Everything is flooded. I saw the new Lord of the Rings movie. Yes, there were people dressed in costumes. Yes, people clapped their goddamn hands at the end like fools. Yes, some idiots laughed during the commercial. The movie was good enough. I found myself wanting it to be over at the 2 1/2 hour mark, though it forged ahead anyways.

I have to go now, my car is submerged. I will see you all in Wisconsin, though.

–whazz on

7 thoughts on “Gurgle

  1. After just finishing RAW. I must post this somewhere. Of all things sacred and holy in the wrestling industry, Hunter Hearst Helmsley better flex his backstage muscle and make sure that he pummels Scott Steiner. Steiner isn’t a good heel, people hate him because he is hella-annoying and stuck in the 90s. A good heel plays to the crowd, i.e. Chris Jericho. People want Steiner off their TV, not to just lose to a babyface. Make it a decent, close match, but Hunter better come away with a victory, clean or not, I don’t give a fuck. It will be a sorry day when a no in-ring talent like Steiner beats HHH. By the way, Trips appears bigger than Steiner. Steiner is 6 foot nothing, so he is more compact. Also, check old footage…nobody has juiced more than him since Vince & Hogan (piece o’ shyte also stuck in the 90’s if not 80’s, brother)did in the 80’s. Don’t get it confused, I’m not a Triple H smark, I just hate Steiner (learn how to talk mother fucker). The pleasure is all mine for this post.

  2. Listen, Whazz-a-boo,
    There’s no fucking urine anywhere in our apartment except flushed down the toilet despite what other people’s literary allusions might suggest. More autobiographical:

    Three coldies with mike
    How can I have a headache
    They tasted so good.

  3. I swear to god if anyone talks anymore shit about me I will personally find them and beat them amongst the chin and thighs. And just to get the dimensions correct I’m 6’2″, 290 lbs. and “Trips” as you seem to call him is 6’4″, 246 lbs. These facts alone prove that I am the bigger and baddest of the two.

    This goes to all my freaks out there, Big Poppa Pump is your hookup….Holla if you hear me.

  4. Yeah well I’m 6’5″ and 275lbs, so I’ll kick your ass. Hey Big Poppa, looks like your bigger than what your own website puts you at – 6’1″ 276lbs. I guess you had a big meal today and some lifts on your shoes. By the way, my future pseudo-4 Horseman running mate HHH is 260lbs on his site. Guess he had a big lunch that day too. Holla at a playa…I don’t care if you hear me.

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