Mankind Loves New Posts

*cough, cough* I am dying. Slowly, bit by bit, my throat is giving way to a massive red pile of tissue and gook. I eat medicine, it does nothing. I eat throat drops, all kinds, and it does nothing. I drink for 12 hours straight: nothing. What is happening to me? Maybe skin cancer, maybe strep, maybe goddamn cooties. The point of this ramble is that I HAVE NO IDEA. All I can tell you is that it started on the 21st of December 2002 and it is till going strong on the 31st of December 2002. I may just enter the new year sick.

Now, while being sick I have had the opportunity to think about a few things. Namely this: thanks to all you I saw over break who were able to look past my debilitating illness and say “hi” and shake my hand. Should you become sick due to this, I apologize profusely. It was great to see everyone, especially surprises like Dan P (Garret) and Melissa (I can’t remember her Picaresque name), and I even got to talk to Rhonda Lazich on a phone. Also, seeing Springer is always a gas, and the greatest Lawman who ever walked Wausau ate lunch with me. Kristi Klem did a good deed and worked a double so that I could be transported (sickly) to my final Wisco destination before shoving off back to warmer climates. It was freaking awesome to see HoJo Justin again, and Bellgirl is, as always, a cute little Bellgirl.

Before you all lose you GD minds, I am going to post all pictures and the tale of the picaresque day AND the Day After Christmas™ when I get back to Cali. It’s gonna take awhile to sift through the mess and get myself coherant. JESUS, AND I’M STILL SICK HERE!

That’s it for now. Tomorrow is rest. Wednesday is travel. The weekend is for kickin ass, Cali-style. Fuck you 2002, 2003 is here to rock our socks off.

–whazz on (into a new year)

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  1. Too bad CA has made you into a nancy boy that can’t stand to be in a little cold weather. FYI, it’s been raining out here all week, but it’s supposed to stop for your return tomorrow so your “cold” will go away.

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