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Wisconsin was great. I was able to do pretty much everything that I wanted to get done, even wading through the Ebola virus to see Justin at the HoJo. The one thing that I regret is not answering the call when I found out that Casperson and Madd Scientist were together at Wando’s on Sunday night. I was drugged and feeling sleepy when the call came and when something like that happens, you have to stand and shake the dust of a flesh-eating bacteria off your loins and get your ass to wherever they are, because if you take the sum of all the Casperson drinking stories and multiply it by the sum of the Madd Scientist’s drinking stories, the chance for the greatest night ever is strongly possible. A quasi-funny exchange:

Lynn: “Why would guys even go out to meet them right now? It’s already 1:00 in the morning.”
Wirkus: “You don’t understand. The Madd Scientist train does not stop at 2:00.”

As we found out later, the Madd Scientist train indeed did not stop at 2:00am. I’ll let him explain the rest of his night if he wants. Suffice it to say I should have got my Parkinson Disease-having ass to Wando’s instead of passing out due to Nyquil.

By the way, do you want to see what I looked like by the end of the Picaresque Day? Here you go:

Me, Drunk

As you may have noticed at right, I have posted to picture zip files of when I was home. Hope you enjoy it. I’ll caution that all of the files are extremely large in size (between 10 and 20 megs). So if you want them, start it downloading and go get yourself a coke and a smile.

I’ll be constructing a special slideshow of Picaresque Day and Day After Christmas™ with narration, so it will take a little bit. Check back in a while. Casperson and Kyle are getting here today and they don’t leave until the 12th so I may not get a lot of time to work on it. However, I will say that when it’s done it will kick your face in with its radness.

Haven’t done a DVD review in a while so here you go. Due to the generosity of future grandmothers-in-law, cousins-in-law, and parents, I had $75 (US) in Best Buy gift certificates. I took said certificates to purchase some DVDs and… well… I guess I succeeded. It wasn’t too hard. You just walk up and hand them the certificates and it’s just like cash. Picked up Barbershop, Minority Report, WWE No Mercy, and XXX. I never really wanted to see XXX, but it was $14.99 and you can’t pass up a deal like that. Anyways, I’ve watched Barbershop twice already, and it was as great as it was in the theater. Overall a fantastic cast, great soundtrack, great story. I was pleasantly surprised by everything in there. The DVD is pretty sweet, too. It’s got 4 small documentaries about different things in the movie (casting, set, barbers, etc.) that are entertaining. Overall, I highly suggest you check it out. The WWE No Mercy disc really sucks overall, but I wanted to see the Angle/Benoit vs. Edge/Rey Mysterio tag match. It is fucking great. The rest sucks.

Hey Alex, if you’re reading, we thought it was pretty funny that Sara kept singing that skater punk song over and over. Just thought I’d let you know your sister has a future in blank-face comedy.

I’d like to announce the first ever Whazzmaster.com Contest Contest. I’d like to have a contest. I have no idea what to do. So submit your ideas below on what would be a good contest. In the meantime I’ll construct a little polling script so that once we have the contest you all can vote on whatever it is you are supposed to vote on. The contest to determine the contest will go from now until I decide on a winner. The prize in the contest to pick a contest will be that whenever I refer to the contest, your name will be attached to it. For example, I believe Wirkus came up with the idea to have a contest to figure out a contest. Therefore I will heretofore refer to it as Wirkus’ Contest Contest. Once we determine a contest, it will have real prizes, however. Good luck.

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  1. Ok, so since Zack-y-poo gave me props on this page, I have decided to contribute in regards to the Wirkus’ Contest Contest. First thing that comes to mind, from the name, we should have a contest to see what is the dumbest thing/word/phrase we can get trademarked. It’s hust a suggestion. I really do not have anything better (I have done nothing for the last 2 hours and 28 minutes at work), I have gone everything from a Michael Jackson Baby dropping game to online rock-paper-scissors, and nothing speaks to me. So I guess I will pose this question…Are there any rules?And how long will this contest run? Until I get a reply, I will eagerly be planning my contest. Oh, I do have a suggestion for the prize. It should definitely be a tape of “Girls Gone Wild hosted by Snoop Dogg”. -KK

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