The Packers– A Season In Retrospect

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Now, let’s have an update on Wirkus’ Contest Contest™. So far we have a few entries, so let’s look at them:

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As I typed the above, the Falcons blocked a punt and covered it up in the endzone for a touchdown. Goddamn the Falcons. Also, goddamn John Madden and his turduckens…

Kyle just said, “errrrgh, hi my name is John Madden and my blood type is gravy, errrghh.”

Ryan just said, “thank you, that’s a great stat to have you stat-fuckers.”

As you can see, spirits are not high as the Packers stumble-fuck their way out of the gate in the Wild Card Playoff game against the Falcons.

Now the Packers fumbled the punt return.

Now we just saw a stat that said that the Packers have never come back from a 15+ point deficit in the Brett Favre era. Ryan said “that’s another great fucking stat.”

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