Stop: Logo Time

Just so you all don’t think I just sit here on my rear end and not do anything, I decided that I desperately needed to post this evening to show you what I’ve been up to. I say this evening because it is the first I’ve been home all day. I was sucked into the vortex of Wedding Gift Registeries this day my friends, and I tell you it is a lonely black place where you will hear little bleeping scanners until the day you ram a 24″ Gothic Candle Holder Wall Sconce (Black) right into your left goddamn eye and end it all.

For the most part registering for wedding gifts is ok. If you’ve always wanted a Stainless Steel Wazootyman Widget (Elite Edition), then all you have to do is point a little scanner gun and it is as good as yours. However, what the wives-to-be don’t tell you about are the plates. Oh dear lord the plates. Dinnerware, my friends…

Yep, that about sums up the dinnerware. Also, at one point when we went out to lunch, E-dub started dancing to the tune on the Muzak. I believe it was Old Man River. Click here to download a 9 second clip of her dancing in the booth. Ain’t technology wonderful? Overall we signed up for some cool stuff. As you can see here, I even scanned myself a nice little coffee pourer steel tabletop thingy:

Ah, coffee served from stainless steel.

So once we got home I started working on the Bellman Profiles. They are now halfway done, but in order to go any further I need the questions for the profiles. PLEASE post the original questions below (if you remember) plus any new ones that should be on there. Once I got stuck on the Bellman Profiles, I turned to creating Official Logos™. Here are the first two fruits to fall off of my labor tree:

Base image for future logos… and my nightmares.

Base logo with no border. Also, notice evil robot.

One more thing before I bounce. I’ve got up zip files of pictures from Madd’s 24th Birthday Party on Friday, and also some pictures from My Wedding Registry Day. Enjoy.

–whazz on