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Seriously, be blowing up here with 100+ posts. I waited my customary 2-3 days for my next post, and every time I do it it seems like more and more comments show up. I regret not being able to attend Wirkus’ Birthday. He was very paranoid about it sucking, and then he went ahead and had an awesome time. Drinking beer directly from the bar tap, watching fistfights, after-bar action. Little Bellgirl puking everywhere. Pints of gimlets. You make me jealous.

The other night me and Madd settled down for a night of Chappelle’s Show on Comedy Channel, and it did not disappoint. I’ve always liked the guy, he’s funny and all that jazz. Also, Madd Scientist makes no sense at some points. I used the new voice recorder to capture some classic Madd/Raj banter.

I will be putting up a new poll soon enough. You guys gave me a good idea and I will run with it. To answer some of the questions that have been posed to me, I will use the traditional List:

1. Duck Tales. Darkwing Duck. Voltron. G.I.Joe. He-Man. TMNT. Nuff said.
2. I regretably will not be able to attend the LaCrosse field trip. You know I want to, but I’m saving my money for the Vegas trip on March 15th.
3. I wasn’t lying low, I was merely losing a baskeball game while all of your posting maddness was going on. It was a close game this time, final score was 42-35. I had a career high 6 points (would have been 8 but I blew an open lay-up).
4. I have never heard of mf grimm or mf doom, cal. Are they Bay Area rappers? If so I would suggest talking to one Scott Fournier. He is down with the Yay Area rap connection. Ask him about Mac Dre.
5. Jen, I believe you were asked a question by Alandovos. You should respond.
6. I have treated Ayn Rand literature like a dead raccoon and stayed away from its rabies all of my life. Especially after Chris Harvard from Tough Enough I was reading it. He sucks poke chops froma woman’s panties.
7. Bellgirl seems to now be the lusted-after diva of this website. Who’da thunk it all those years ago when she started and couldn’t barely carry an 8 foot tabel from the back hallway down to Chancellor’s, that now she would have achieved a fame coveted by all. And working at the InnTowner. And a hospital.
8. timemachine moment: You all have very selective memories. I would have a tough choice and I now put it to the audience to decide. I know what all of your first reactions are going to be, but think carefully and hard. You will be rewarded with nostalgia if you do. Do I pick: a.) the moment that the pig pinata broke and all manner of human from 18-28 years of age scrambled madly for chicle and caramels while Erin calmly lost her marbles, OR b.) the greatest WWF pay-per-view ever, wherein Big Elvis chokeslammed Wirkus, Kalish tombstoned Todd (or maybe the other way around), I People’s Elbowed Todd, Katie Grant (at that time) ballshotted me, and all 14 of us ended up Stone-Colding beers on the front sidewalk at 11pm.
9. D-d-d-danger lurks behind you/There’s a stranger out to find you/What to do just travel to some Duck Tales/Ooh-woo-ooh/Something something something something.
10. Cal, we can have a book club, but it will be all Frank Norris literature, and when that is done I’m going to chain you to a wall and make you read Vonnegut until you pass out. Ewaz can just read Catch-22 over and over. I’ll read comic books but pretend I’m reading Ayn Rand.
11. Rock Chalk: here you go.

I also think I’ll be changing my username to Raj soon in order to comply with ewaz’s request. You gotta rep whazz on the whazzmaster website, or else the truth police come and make you shut it down and they also take away all of your pineapples and peaches when they leave. I wouldn’t want that.

–Yossarian lives!

3 thoughts on “Question and Answer with Moneypenny

  1. does anyone remember the mad town party mix…moneypenny…i know you do…do you know anyone who has volume 1? I still have vol. 2, but i think the only one who might have vol. 1 is jen o!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I am drunk as shit…sorry for the weak post…happy to see bellgirl…happy belated birthday Wirkus…I love Mrs. Dalloway…let a brother know what is going on…talk to you all soon

  2. Yo Madd, is that a cock on your arm?
    your new luck charm?
    Zach fire up the alarm
    Madd gonna fuck a gay bicyclist
    somebody gots ta stop this
    they bout to fight
    Madd’s got blank tape from last night
    jackin some biatches bong
    when something went wrong
    done slipped and shatter
    no matter
    we didn’t drop a dime on it
    but it put the beezies in a fit

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