Eskimos Have 20,000 Words For The Term “Lose”

Or so I’ve heard. What a goddamned surprise: we lost at basketball tonight. And it was a bad loss indeed. So bad that I drove straight to the gym afterwards and worked out just so I wouldn’t go home and punch a hole in the wall.

I bought the 50 Cent cd today, as I alluded to earlier. At this point I’ve listened to most of the cd, and I can now give my official recommendation: it’s good. It’s got more good tracks than bad, and any cd is good if it has the line “i don’t need to write rhymes/i got bricks in the hood”. Ah, Bellman Jon, you’ve finally hit it big as a 50 Cent ghostwriter. Eminem guests on 2 or 3 songs, with one being way better than the other one.

We purchased the invitations tonight, due in no small part to Jen harping on me like the one of the Furies. You’ll all be happy to know that you’ll be getting notification of our intent to marry soon enough. I also bought the tickets back to Wisconsin for March 21-23 for the tasting, shower, and other such nonsense. If anyone is interested in coming down to Racine on Friday, March 21st for some drinking and talking, let us know.

Madd Scientist finally bought our plane tickets to Vegas (at least he better have) in addition to booking our rooms. So, I guess it will be a fire drill of the bachelor party in Vegas from March 15th-18th. I’m trying to bring some real skrilla so I can play a bit higher stakes craps than $5 with $5 behind it. Ssssh, don’t tell erin, but I keep my change in a old condom underneath the mattress. I’ve got about $47 sacked away.

Dave Attell was in Memphis tonight for the second epsiode, and in said episode he goes to a Shooting Range for Ladies’ Night. Erin said she would like to go shooting. So Madd, let’s pack it up on Ladies Night and hit the range so Erin can shoot the glock. I should note that she is afraid that when the gun kicks, she will drop it and it will shoot someone. I should also note that I hope she gets very adept with guns and then if I ever need an accomplice in a Vice City-style rampage, she’ll back me up.

Hmm, can’t really think of anything else right now. I’m not as pissed as I was earlier, but don’t think for a second that I’m not pissed. I would like to win one game this year.

10 thoughts on “Eskimos Have 20,000 Words For The Term “Lose”

  1. Yes I do suck and yes I do charge people money even though I say that I won’t. Please never use me and and don’t tell your friends about me. I’m ashamed of myself.

  2. I will kill you if you go back to WI. But I’m so sly you won’t know that I killed you.

  3. Welcome to the all new, your moderator for this evening will be wirkuswhazz. Whirkuswhazz has informed me, due to his inability to be at a computer, that there is a fight club set up between Madd and Moneypenny to begin with whoever begins first. Oh yeah and don’t forget about the poll.

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