First things first. Let’s talk about 50 Cent’s CD. I’ve had some time to listen to it and I have to say that it is fucking awesome. Most CDs I buy I end up listening to 4 or 5 at most tracks regularly. On Get Rich or Die Tryin I usually just let the thing roll. Skip track 1 (a 5 second Intro track) and you have 5 solid songs right in a row, and inside that 5 are three fucking great tracks in a row. We start out with track 2: What Up Gansta, a fairly uptempo track that gets the album off to a good start. Then track 3: Patiently Waiting, which in my opinion is the better of the two Eminem collaborations on the disc. Plus the hook is pretty catchy. My guess is the next single will be either this song, track 4, or track 14. And track 4 is the best one on the whole disc. I couldn’t put my finger on what was good about it, but Judd came up with a bit of an explanation. It is 50 Cent’s 2Pac song. And it is good. I have to admit, though, that it isn’t nearly as good unless you know 50 Cent’s background (he got shot 9 times, etc.). The way he delivers the line “Every night I talk to god, but he don’t say nothing back/I know he protecting me, but I still stay with my gat/In my nightmares, niggas keep pulling techs on me” just gets to me somehow. It’s not complicated, it’s not too deep, but it is just affecting somehow. I’m positive it has to do with his delivery. Everyone’s heard track 5, In Da Club. It’s a good song, and I’ll leave it at that. Track 6: High All The Time, is a good tune as well. Seven is a good Dre-produced track who’s backbeat is the sound of a gun cocking over and over. That’s tight. Track 10: Back Down is where 50 describes his beef with Ja Rule. It has a few good lines and a tight background track. Number 14: 21 Questions is one of my new favorites. Most music critics have named it the bad mark on the cd overall, but I like the track and its got a catchy hook. I guess I’m easily entertained. Also, if you don’t count the repeats of the same questions, 50 Cent and Nate Dogg combined actually ask 21 questions of the course of the song. I counted. Track 15: Don’t Push Me, is the other Eminem collaboration on the disc, and it is very ok. I mean, it’s nothing great, but I’m pretty sure that half of Eminem’s verse (if not more) is pure freestyle, which is interesting to hear. Then you’ve got some bonus tracks, including Wanksta. So overall a tight CD, and definietly one of the best I’ve purchased in a long time.

Let’s see. Apparently no one has any faith in me to beat Cal two weeks in a row. I’ve got everyone betting against me. Are there any takes for Raj in straight sets again? Anyone at all? Jen, I know you’re good for it. Maybe Erin.

There’s a new poll up. Now we’ll see what the world truly thinks of the Madd Scientist.

I hereby declare Thursday Virtual Friday. Any questions? Wirkus, this time bring your recorder along for the fun. We’ll do Virtual Friday in stereo, you in the Midwest and us on the West Coast. Somewhere in Montana someone’s ears are gonna hurt.

We’ve got a houseguest this weekend! Erin’s friend Steph is coming to stay. Let’s take her out in style in San Jose, Palo Alto, or San Francisco. Careful Scott, she’s engaged. Ehh, you might as well try anyways.

Got my tax refund already. That’s the only good thing about doing taxes online.

Not much else to say. Pretty boring beginning of the week. Hopefully more stories to follow after Virtual Friday and Friday.

ps– I will beat Cal at tennis on Sunday. Get ready for a losing streak, buddy.

–Yossarian Lives!

7 thoughts on “Wanksta

  1. hi zach hows things going out there wish ya were here enjoying the cold with the rest of us oh well the beer still goes down easy wether its hot or cold out have a good one

  2. I think Jen wants more battle raps.

    Hey Jen just because you’ve been to France
    Doesn’t mean anyone wants to see your underpants
    So keep on pretending that your above the rest
    and maybe just maybe Wirkus will touch the breast
    Until then just keep your mouth shut
    Or Madd might slip by and take a cut

  3. Had a great day off runnin’ errands: bought some soil to repot the plant fancyface found in the trash, washed the car (Octopus), took out a $1,200 loan to bankroll the bachelor party, cleaned my room, walked the dawg, took care of some landlord shite, and got a bomb-ass new cellie from the Sprint Store. Yeah.

    1. I listened to 50 cent all day. My rating: B+. The beats? Great. Delivery? Phenomenal. The requisite Nate Dogg song made me smile, but 50’s rhymes are W-E-A-K.
    2. As far as the battle raping goes… I do like it, but come on, boys, Jen is right. There’s more to rhyming than clumsy end rhymes. Assonance, alliteration, internal rhymes, slant rhyme, consonance: google these terms and step up your game. Right now it’s like listening to someone bang trashcan lids together. “I’ll stab you with a dagger with a jagged edge. Hate fags? The answer’s yes.” That, my friends, is music.
    3. Bachelor party. June 7th. Buy your plane tickets now. S Fitty, Mystery Man Judd, Madd and Raj, fly into Madison Friday the 6th. I’ll pick you up in Ewaz’s jalopy and we’ll go out in Madison. S Fitty, think about it: it’s your big chance to hit on Bellgirl and Jen in real life!
    Alandovos, you too. Steven? Give us some sign that you’re still with us.
    4. Everyone, all together: Cal will post again, Cal will post again…
    5. So no one is going to bet on Raj in the tennis match?
    6. That’s all. Whazz on, whazzers.

  4. Let’s take a deeper look at these ‘battle raps.’ They do have internal rhymes, alliteration, etc., but that gets overlooked because of the fragment breaks. It seems as though the ‘rappers’ put these breaks and various spellings there so that even the simplest could follow it. If one were to actually hear the delivery, it would be less Dr. Seuss’ish and more Dr. Dre’ish. While the material isn’t always meaningful, its still a ‘battle’ rap from the top of the head, not a prewritten ‘ghetto’ poem where you can ponder your wordplay and deliver. The raps could be more thought provoking if more time were dedicated to it, but that takes away the freestyle creativity. A forum is needed for this entertainment, but in the mean time everyone could jump in and try to top the next person by whatever means, i.e. word play, crazyness, thought provoking, funny, dark humor, etc. Some of these raps grow tiresome, but that’s because they’re not my style. So drop your own style and see if someone can beat it.

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