Sunday Night Update

So, I decided to dedicate a small part of my (hopefully) weekly Sunday night post to my view of what’s going on in the WWF. If you don’t like wrestling, just skip ahead. Alright, now let me state that I haven’t been entertained by the WWF in a while now. Little things here and there get me excited, but it’s hard to match the way we all got together every monday night or PPV sunday and watched, drank high life, and then did wrestling moves on each other afterwards (barely ever walking away with serious injury). I wasn’t able to see the No Way Out PPV last Sunday, but it sounded like a good show with Rock/Hogan and Austin’s return. I’m not saying it was awesome or anything, but at least entertaining. I saw the recap of RAW tonight on Heat and I think things may be getting good again. Rock and Booker T as the last men in the battle royal was awesome. Randy Orton is tight (although I just read he broke his foot on Saturday). Overall, I am upgrading my RAW scedule from Skip to Watch. If things go well, I’ll upgrade it further to Not Miss.

All Ain’t Right With My Elbow
The short story: my elbow is fucked up and I don’t know exactly how or why. The long form: last week sunday I went to play tennis with Cal and 20 minutes in it felt like my elbow was throbbing. I couldn’t barely hold the racket. So we quit without playing our usual match. Monday evening I played basketball after work, and about 1 hour into playing my elbow was again in a pain I can only describe as “fucking painful”. Tuesday I didn’t last more than 30 minutes on the court. Wednesday off. I wanted to take off Thursday too, but my team depends on me and we had a basketball game to lose (I only got one technical this time). Friday off. Saturday I played basketball with Scott and Madd, and I lasted for awhile before my arm fell apart again. Finally, on Sunday the week came full circle as i shook my booty. And by shake my booty I mean I played tennis with Cal and my pain could be felt up to 3 1/2 miles away. i love you. And by i love you I mean to say that Erin should stay the hell away from my keyboard when I get up to take a leak. Bottom line: my elbow hurts like shit and I guess I’d better have it looked at.

No Drinking Stories This Weekend
While the Century Club was almost a reality briefly on Saturday night, we ultimately decided not to. Also I ended up being in bed by 10:30pm on Friday and Saturday night. Regardless of what some people named Madd or Scott may say, it is nice to not be drunk more than 30 miles away from your house every day of your weekend. Also, it furthered my goal of saving money for the Vegas trip.

So that’s it for now. Not much great stuff, not much funny stuff. Now erin and I plan on getting drunk and watching Anna Nicole Show. I will be throwing up with disgust in a matter of hours.

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    1. Erin & O’Neil our email is:
    2. Erin, I can send you our address. Did zach ever give you the note that I wrote (I think it was on a thank you card)??
    3. Zach, ever hear of tennis elbow?
    4. All, Feel free to check out my kick-ass haikus.
    5. Wirkus, you and K-Car are brewer co-dependants.
    6. That’s it, I think.

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