101st Post!

I was going to post all of this as a comment in the last story but there’s so much that I just decided to go ahead and create a new entry.

100th Post
I totally forgot that the last story posting was whazzmaster.com’s 100th story post! It’s a fairly decent milestone if I do say so myself, simply because no other website that I’ve ever created has lasted this long or had this much content. I would like to celebrate by doing something, but I can’t think of anything… let’s drink!

We’ve already signed up 13 users for whazzmaster.com, and a majority of them have also created their very own bellman profile to go along with it. I’ll be adding pictures soon so taht everyone can know who everyone else is, exactly. You don’t have to upload a pic, its just if you want the world to know who is posting “Pfffft” over and over in the comments.

A New National Pastime: Drunk Dialing
Madd Scientist and Grand Masta Caspa went on a drunk dialing spree last night. But this wasn’t just any drunk dialing spree. They upped the ante by using 3 way calling to get the most out of their drunkeness. I had never thought of that before. So this morning on the way to work I was treated to Madd and Caspa rapping at me for 5 or more minutes. They expounded on such topics as treating nose herpies with Jergens (and the subsequent mess that would ensue should the treatee fart while applying the salve). Also, Madd freestyled a rap wherein most of the end rhymes were the word “day”. As in “i gonna hit you up on Thursday/I mean Virtual Friday/Tomorrows saturday/and then sunday”. It wasn’t very inspirational.

…Speaking of the Madd Scientist
I gave him editor access to the site, so don’t be surprised if you see story posts by him. This also means that more than one story on the front page may be active at once (if we both post stories on the same day). Whazzers may have to scroll down to see what all is new. This all is with the intent of having more content on the site (more dynamic, so that all of your feverish refreshing during work hours will amount to seeing new stuff).

It looks to be shaping up as far as rules and policies go. Madd, where is my schema update? Or did you just get drunk and not do anything last night? The best laid plans of mice and men… and then there was vodka.

Finally, our second-to-last Baptist Basketball game is tonight at 9:30pm. If you ever want to talk to RAJ when he is really pissed, call me at 10:30pm.


12 thoughts on “101st Post!

  1. money p, you got any brats left, i could just have dinner there then. holla back youngins.

  2. why am i so tight. scientist puked after two shots. i had six in six minutes after countless beverages.

  3. 6 in 7 minutes but whatever. he has to keep them down for an hour. updates to follos. 4 cappys, 2 vodkas.

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