Brewers Injury Report

My fucking entire body hurts like hell. Let do a short list for those of you who keep track of such things:

1. Lower back hurts due to playing basketball for 3 hours on Thursday night.
2. Right elbow is scraped up from getting my legs swept out from me on a lay-up. I hit the ground horizontal.
3. Right hip is bruised due to above.
4. Right shoulder is scraped up due to above the above.
5. Left hamstring is sore (I don’t know why).
6. A two inch diameter bruise on the inside of my right upper arm from when I tried to go over a guy’s back in the bball game.
7. A blister on my left heel from I-don’t-know-what.
8. Lingering tennis elbow (almost completely gone).

Apart, none of these injuries would bother me, but as a total package they really put a damper on things such as walking and sitting.

Site News
Looks like the bellman profiles are being put to good use. Lots of people have them now, why not you? Also, I haven’t had time to do the picture uploads yet, but they are coming. In addition, Henkel called me last evening and suggested that I put together a user-editable book recommendation list with different genres represented (from comic book trades to “fine literature” as he put it). Finally, I was just thinking we have so many posted stories in the database that it may be nice to have a little search bar so that you can search for story postings. Let me know if that would be nice to you.

Holy Shit! I Lost Weight
So, after the thanksgiving gluttony and the holiday drinking, along with no working out or exercise at all, I returned to California a healthy 218 pounds. I’m sure a good amount of that weight was fat. After 2 months of exercising and lifting, however, I am down to a svelte 206 pounds. Hell yeah, dog, I’ll meet my goal of 175-180 for the wedding with no problems. Madd, just get a goddamn membership and come work out with us.

Not much else, slow news day. Hopefully Madd will update us with what happened last night when he wakes up.


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  1. why can’t i find anyone who can go drink for drink with me and stay up all night? If you can and you’s a chick, i wanna marry ya.

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