Madison Crime Report

I’m working from home today, so while my tests run on my work machine through PCAnywhere, I can write this awesome post.

Madison Crime Report
As wirkuswhazz alluded to yesterday, there was a pistol whipping/shooting at Stillwaters in Madison early Monday morning. The pistol whip happened during a hip-hop open mic night. This serves as a warning to Madd and Scott; the next time you got to Toons for battle-rap night, do not piss people off. They WILL pistol whip you. Also, there were a few funny things about the story: 1.) Bullfeathers owner Dick Lyshek closed the doors to the bar and locked everyone inside until the police came and 2.) the same Dick said, “This incident is part and parcel to what happens when hip-hop type promotions are done.” I don’t know why, but I find that quote funny.

Check This Out
Alert bellman Steven E. sent me a picture from the San Diego area that has to do with the ever-spiraling cost of gasoline on the west coast. I don’t know what it’s like back in Wisconsin, but out here regular unleaded is at $2.25 and rising, while Premium is up to $2.50 in some areas. If things don’t stop soon, we could see $3/gal by the end of the year, and that, my friends, would be weird to see. Luke has pointed out that in Europe $3-$4 a gallon is not uncommon. The thing about Europe, though, is that they generally have far better public transportation than over here. And by “far better” I mean that there is more coverage. Anyways, check out Steven’s picture here. It shocked even myself. Madd, you would be enraged.

The Family Tree of Stupidity
A new member of the family has been added. I completely forgot how stupid the USA Today is. Perhaps it is because I don’t have to read it anymore while standing at the bellstand. Anyways, it IS a newspaper written by 3rd graders, for 3rd graders. If you have possible candidate to add to the family, just post it in the comments and we can get it added if appropriate. Remember it must not only be stupid, but also insulting to the average person’s intelligence.

3 Days Until Vegas
Not much to report about in here, I just wanted to reiterate that we are, in fact, going to Vegas, and it will, in fact, be fucking awesome. I will assure you that I am bringing the digital camera and voice recorder, so we should get some good things out of it. And if nothing else, I’m sticking to Springer like white on rice, just to see the old man tear Vegas a new one.


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